Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CCM Week 2-Happier

     Hey guys this week has been so much better. I'm not stressing about the language as much anymore and Ive just felt way happier this week. The weather this week was better than it has been lately.  You don't need to worry about me being cold. Its super hot here everynight and Ive only had to sleep with covers on twice this whole time. I was worried I wouldnt have very much to write to you about because our days are all pretty much the same here but i have a ton of stuff to say. First off we had an awesome lightning storm the other night there was a bolt like every ten seconds and it would just light up the sky. Second we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie Sunday and that is probably one of my favorite movies of all time I always feel the spirit. On Sundays we have sacrament meeting at 9 and then regular church until noon then we eat lunch. The rest of the day is personal study and devotionals so its a lot of sitting but we all love it because its a day off from spanish. 

     One of the elders in my district is having a really hard time with the language but hes getting there and we're all trying to help him. I have to tell you guys how much I love my district. This is an amazing group of guys and Ive grow to love them all over these two weeks. We are all perfect for each other and keep each other going. Everynight before we go to bed we sing a primary song and its one of the strongest times i feel the spirit. There are only four elders form my district going to my same mission all the other are going to retaluauh.  I really like a kid from Arizona.   He's really funny. We had to say goodbye to all the latino elders and a bunch of kids going out this week. It was weird but Id grow pretty close to the latinos in my room and was sad to see them go even though we couldnt really talk to each other. The best part about this week was the Joseph Smith movie on sunday.  I think the portion sizes are getting smaller here because I am always hungry and I think Im starting to get fat because you cant see all my sweet muscles any more and ive been working out more than I used to so. You'll probably be pretty happy about that though. 

      On sunday they call a bunch of elders out of the crowd at random so we have to have a talk written every week in spanish and we may or may not be giving it to everyone in the branch. They showed us a presentation on health this week and it scared the crap out of me they had all these nasty pictures of missionaries with worm and all sorts of crazy diseases. They showed pictures of dog bites and these terrible flys that bite you and lay there eggs in your skin. They scared the crap out of us was stories about the water and food you buy off the street. I think Itll be worth it to just not eat for two years. I appreciate your prayers and love you all so much. Love Connor

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