Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

     This week was pretty slow. Like I had told you, it was Semana Santa which means that after  Wednesday everyone took off to the beach or their home town and left just the Mormon missionaries walking around.It was super hot all week and ya it was pretty fun. Monday was normal. We played soccer and a ton of youth showed up because they weren't going to school. It was pretty fun and I had a pretty good day playing.Tuesday was pretty normal. I was on Divis with a brand new missionary which was lots of fun, he didn't do much but he's happy to be here and its good to feel that greenie spirit again. Wednesday, we did service and then had to go to the store to buy breakfast for the zone. An investigator made us most of the breakfast and she charged us almost nothing, so we were able to buy a ton of stuff for the zone. I even found Mac and Cheese which was the first time I had seen that on sale here in Guatemala so I bought it and made it for dinner. Thursday was the multi zone conference and we got there super early because we thought there would be traffic and all that but there wasn't a single car on the road so we showed up way early which was good because it gave me time to look over the agenda because I had to direct the meeting which was a little nerve racking but fun. The conference was amazing!  President showed this video that's amazing you have to look it up in You-tube as Happy Easter from Clarie! Gethsemane. Claire Ryann at 3 years old. Its soo good and brings the spirit. After that we talked about being the fourth missionary, which is a talk by who knows who, but its amazing and all about how you need to dedicate yourself to the Lord on your mission and in your life. After the conference we had divis with the Assistants and that was so much fun because I got to work with Elder Gudiel again. We spent the whole day talking about baggy things and how he's going to get into college. He already found a sponsor family so he's all good there, just needs to take the test and then submit to a couple of colleges. Friday was the craziest day of the week when the people made alfombras and huge statues of Jesus to carry around in the streets. Saturday was pretty dead and we didn't really do anything, and Sunday was the same. No one came to church and they were all super tired from their trips to do anything. 

 I forgot to tell you this story, we went to eat lunch on Tuesday and the house was all locked up and the windows were closed so we couldn't get the key out to open the door. We called the lady and she told us to just break the window. It was pretty fun and felt really weird. Elder Correa
                                             Elder Speth Elder Wright Elder Gudiel Elder Patton
                                          Elder Martinez Elder Patton Elder Wright.    
                                    Elder Barker Elder Gee Elder Gudiel Elder Alegria Elder Galicia
                                                      These are the alfombras they do 

Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

     It was another pretty great week here in Guate!!! It's really starting to get hot, what with the Semana Santa in full swing with all the activities going on here. Everyone is now a die hard Catholic and doesn't want anything until next week and even the people who aren't Catholic say they;re busy and can't listen to us this week, but I'm confident that we'll be able to have tons of success this week as long as we work hard and focus on what's really important. But anyway funny story, so last week on Monday, we were changing into our clothes to go and play soccer and when we came out this crazy guy had snuck his way into the church and it took us forever to get him out.  We got him out after bribing him with a quet and threatening to call the police because he tried to steal a poster from the church lobby. After that it was a pretty normal day. We played soccer and all that jazz.  Tuesday we had the distinct councils and worked super hard like normal. Wednesday,  I was on divisions with Elder Wood and we had a pretty amazing day. I got to do some baptismal interviews with a family of investigators in San Jose and it went really well. The entire family got baptized yesterday. Thursday, we did divisions as well and I was with Elder Hailstone and we pretty much just spent the entire day contacting and visiting members. Hermana Sandra couldn't come to church Sunday because one of her sons was sick so we had to move they're fechas to Sunday not Saturday which was too bad but not the end of the world. They're still going to get baptized for sure. Saturday I had this guy go crazy on me, he was pretty drunk and I'm pretty sure he was a gangster judging by all the tattoos he had on his arms.  He spoke pretty good  English and started yelling a bunch of bad words at me, which I'm pretty used to by now but after that he started threatening me and said he would be waiting there when I came back. So obviously, we couldn't go back that way, so to get out of there we ended up jumping over a river and taking a secret back way to go to lunch. This Friday, Guatemala plays against the USA to see who will go to the world cup so that's going to be pretty crazy, Anyway that's pretty much my week. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun and Dad I think you will have to take us back to Cancun for sure. Love you all and hope you have a great week. 

P.S. Elder Gudiel is applying to USU and needs a sponsor family so if you guys know a family that would be willing to put like 8000 dollars in a bank account to sponsor a really amazing kid from Honduras let me know. 

Crazy guy in the church and my new name tag. 

                                                      Elder Antay Elder Galicia Elder Hailstone

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

   Okay so before I forget Mom, the guy said he was probably going to have my suit ready this week so we need to make sure I have enough money on the card to be able to pay for it. Its going to cost 1200 quetz and I'm not sure how much that is in dollars but if I have like 200 on the card that should be enough. So this week were the changes and obviously I didn't have any changes. Looks like I'm going to be a ZL for a solid 10 months of my mission and let me tell you, I'm tired of being a leader.  But anyway, apart from all that we had a really great week. Its been super hot and its killing me. The sun is always out and cooking me so I'm back into the phase where I'm always red in the face and people start asking me if I'm burned and I have to tell them no I'm just a red person. This next week is Semana santa which means that everyone and their dog is Catholic right now, even though the last time they went to church was last year during Semana Santa.  Monday was pretty dead everyone was just waiting for the changes all day and didn't really want to do anything so it was pretty boring to be honest. Tuesday was pretty chill. We didn't have any problems with the changes and it looks like we've got some pretty sweet missionaries in the zone now. Wednesday was the zone council and luckily this time President didn't show up, which was really nice. We showed a video that talks about being disciples of Jesus Christ and it really hit the zone. I love this video because it talks about being a disiple for ever and not just for a short time or just a couple days of the week but in every moment. I also love it because it talks about how the love we have the Savior is reflected by our discipleship. I did divis that day with Elder K and I think I already told you about him so we're not going to mention him again. I got a package from Aaron and Amy Jo with a bunch of candy in it which I already ate with my comp but tell them thank you so much because I don't have their email.  Love you all. Love Connor.

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

     This week was really great.  We've been seeing tons of blessing and miracles. Monday,  we didn't play soccer, which was a huge change from the regular p day schedule. Instead we played ping pong and basketball. I'm not going to lie my ping pong skills are not as good as they used to be but they are still good enough to beat almost everyone in the zone. After just playing one on one for a while, I got everyone started on ping sting and I'll send you a picture so you can see how that turned out. Tuesday was the district council and it went pretty well. Elder Ngungutau bought everyone McDonalds again because it was the last p-day of the change. Wednesday,  we had divisions with Elder S, who is someone super weird and he spent the entire day telling me about his anime and his yugioh and all the weird nerd stuff he did before the mission. Thursday, was a pretty normal day with out too much that happened. Friday was the mission council which went really well. The mission is doing super good right now so president is super happy and it looks like in March we're finally going to be able to get the 200 baptisms that we've been working so hard for. We're going to baptize at least three this month. The three we're going to baptize are the Hermana Sandra and her two kids Mario and Andy.  This week they went to the stake conference and even invited their family to go with them to the conference so ya she's pretty amazing. Saturday and  Sunday, it rained which is really weird because right now it shouldn't be raining because its only March. Sunday,  we had Stake conference and it went really well. Presidente came and gave this really great talk about how we need to love more and judge less which is something that I need to do better. Working on seeing through our Heavenly Fathers eyes and loving everyone like he loves them. Love you all a ton and hope you're enjoying the weather over there. Love Connor 
                                                   Rojas Family, Hno Nicolas Elder Galicia