Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 28, 2015

     Well I don't have much to say so I'm just going to answer a couple of your questions, Mom I have no clue what size shirt president caffaro would were all I know is that he's huge. Second I would probably rather go on a beach vacation than a church one but you guys will have to give me a little bit of time to tan before we go because lets be honest, my stomach hasn't seen the sun in like two years. Christmas was pretty long.  We were in the stake center all day because we had to make sure nobody went over their time but it was pretty fun.  We did a white elephant with the zone that went well. I gave away 5 quetz of toilet paper and M & Ms. Hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the end of your vacations love you all. Love Connor.

P.S. I will now be coming home a week earlier than planned due to some change theyre going to do in the CCM so I will be home the 13 of July. Love you 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec 21, 2015

     Okay first off I'm not 100 percent sure what time I'm going to call. I can call at any hour the schedule isn't a problem for me so if you guys can respond to this message in an hour and tell me what time would be best for you guys. I can't call at 7:00 at night but any other time were good to go. So this week was amazing! We're getting close to Christmas and I can't wait. Mom, I've loved the 12 days of Christmas and I think my comp loves it even more than I do. He always wants to open the package and see what candy we're going to get. He has decided however that you guys want to give us diabetes with so much candy. We really love the scriptures that you put on there too.  They're awesome. I got my package from Jon and Tammie which was awesome too. I loved the scripture clues and all the candy. Alright so its been a pretty busy week.  Monday, Pday we went to Mcdonalds which was a lot of fun and then played soccer and signs at the church. Tuesday was divisions with Elder Langy which was lots of fun even though we walked a ton that day. Wednesday I was with my comp and so we went and bought breakfast for the Zone conference. Thursday was the Zone Conference which was amazing. We had some great speakers and I got to see Elder Gudiel. We watched Iron Will and had a ton of really good Christmas food. Friday, I did divis with Elder Wright and we saw this terrifying clown in the street, really freaked us out. Saturday we went to the baptism of some elders in our zone and that took forever but it was good to support them. Sunday was soo much fun. So President Caffaro has asked us to sing Christmas songs in the parks so we went as a zone to this park.  When we got there, we saw that they were setting up for a marimba concert in the park. We asked them if we could sing for a bit and they said ya so we started singing and after a little while they offered us there speakers and their whole sound system. It was awesome. So ya I'll talk to you guys Friday. Hope you have  a great Christmas. Love Connor 

Elder Antonio Elder Ellswoth Elder Rivera Elder Ngungutau Elder De La Cruz Elder Langi Elder Weight Sister Jones Sister Lagos ElderBurns
                                                                  Elder Ngungutau
Elder Weight Sister Artola Sister Cornejo Sister Lagos Elder Diaz Elder De La Cruz Elder Canasas 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015

     Okay so first off I don't know what time I'm going to be calling home because my comp and I haven't made the schedule yet.  We're going to work on that this week and I'll let you know next Monday. So its been a pretty crazy week. My new area is La Brigada and I'm still a zone leader but I'm now in the Zona Florida. It's a pretty good zone and we've got a lot of good missionaries. They like to joke around a lot and there is a lot of work to get done here in the zone but I'm sure we'll be able to get it done. My comp is Elder Antonio and he's going to die this change, which will be interesting. It's the first time I've killed someone, so its going to be a fun change. Elder Nugungutau is in my zone as well, which is lots of fun. I'm super happy to be with my kid again, But ya like I said its been pretty crazy. Monday we had to say goodbye to everyone, which was super hard but I was pretty happy to leave the area at the same time. Tuesday we had changes and I got there to my new area without a problem. I got there at like 9 so we got a full day of work in which was nice. My area is a huge maze and I'm pretty much always lost and have no clue where I am. If I didn't have my comp I wouldn't ever make it back to my house at night. So fun story, there's a family here in my area that has a son serving in Jaydn's mission and it turns out that they were comps.  They showed me pictures of Jaydn and everything. It was pretty cool. The mormon world is so small. Wednesday we did the zone council which went really well.  It was a little long but we had a good talk with the zone and everything.  Thursday was the most interesting day for sure. In the morning there was this meeting for new leaders and Elder Ngungutau had to go but had no clue how to get to the church where it was at.  He and his comp got super lost and so we had to go find them and bring them to the church. On our way to the chapel we were crossing a busy street and my comp was trying to cross and he didn't see a motorcycle and so ya he got hit by a motorcycle crossing the street. Luckily, he didn't break anything but he did get beat up pretty bad.  His side really hurts him and his leg is all purple but its all good.  Friday, we did divis with a crazy missionary, Elder R who I've been with before and I haven't missed him. Saturday we went running in the morning and I was dying.  We didn't even run very far. Sunday was pretty good. The ward here is lots bigger than in Barbe and that took some getting used to, but its a great ward with lots of potential. I got the second half of my christmas package and one from Grandma, tambien. Thank you so much for all the love and the gifts. Hope you guys have a great week and I'll talk to you guys next week. Love you a ton. Love Connor

        This is our district and then a couple of members a really big family that we reactivated. 
                                          Elder Martinez Elder Magdaleno Elder Gllear Elder Wright Elder Marroquin
Familia Yuman 

                           Familia Martinez                         

familia Pinera Carolina Maricielo Analice Stacy Justin

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dec 7, 2015

     Okay first off I have changes!!!!! I know that it passed by super fast but that is because this change was only 4 weeks because of Christmas so the next change or this change will be 8 weeks and won't end until the beginning of February but ya I'm finally going to leave Barbarena. It is going to be super hard. I love this area so much and the members are amazing. I'm going to have to say goodbye to papi ronald which is going to be the hardest. Last night when the assistants called, they told me I didn't have changes and I was dying. I didn't think I could make it 7 months in the same area but then this morning they called again and said that I really did have changes. But anywho we had a really great week. Not really, because I didn't feel like doing anything but we still had a good week. Monday we went and played on a turf field which was super fun but super I was super tired after. I did divisions Tuesday with his Elder that's hard but somehow I made it through the divisions and it wasn't so bad but its pretty hard to get along with him. Wednesday we did service helping this guy move a ton of sand down this mountain which was not fun and we did divisions again. I was in my area with Elder Hernandez. So funny story, we had this drunk guy come and start talking to us and we were trying to convince him to give us his dats to go visit him one day.  He said we had to have a staring contest so that he could know if we were really children of God. So he started staring at me and he had these crazy drunk guy eyes going on and I started laughing super hard so he told me I wasn't a child of God and then he tried to take my ID. Thursday, me and my comp were together because we had the mission council Friday. Love the mission council because they give us super yummy food. We did divisions Saturday too and it went really well. I was in the area again and it was hard to work but I did it. Sunday was fast and testimony and hints for you is that you have to take all the food out of the house and then you should be good.   Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the Christmas season make sure to share the church video on Facebook okay. Love you guys. Love Connor

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

     Well it looks like you guys had a pretty great Thanksgiving. I did get to go to dinner with some members which was super nice of them and it was a great dinner. But one question, Chase why are you hiding in the picture of dad with the mash potatoes? Are you really that scared of the camera? No but we had a great week. Monday was normal right playing soccer all day and eating at Guateburger which was some crappy hamburger place they just put up that we wanted to try. Mom to answer your questions we only do our own breakfast which means its cereal and bread pretty much everyday. Lunch we go and pay a comedor to cook for us and we don't ever eat street food because that's nasty and you will get sick and die if you eat street food.  Just cause I'm thinking about it, I got your Christmas package today with the twelve days of Christmas thing.  It came super fast and so now I'm going to have to carry it to my new area and wait until the 13 to start opening it. Other Question, I did find the 10th day in the package so I don't know if it got robbed or if it got forgotten or if its the envolope that was in there but ya also got a Christmas gift from the Mikesells.  Tuesday was a sad day because we had to say goodbye to Jose, a member that had been leaving with us everyday for like 2 weeks. He went the USA to visit some family and friends and to celebrate thanksgiving he took us to lunch and bought us some sweet bags. Wednesday we did divisions with Cuilapa which was lots of fun. I spent the day with a greenie from Mexico and it was pretty funny because he still talks with a little mexican accent. Thursday we worked super hard and I forgot it was Thanksgiving until the end of the day when we went to eat. They made turkey and mashed potatos and salad so ya it was a pretty normal dinner. Mom there aren't a ton of turkey in Guate but there are a few. Pretty much everyone owns chickens and there are a couple that own turkeys. Friday we were going to do divisions but we weren't able to because the other Elders never showed up. But we were able to have a branch activitiy where we watched meet the mormons. It went really well and I learned how to make popcorn in a pan. It was interesting but we figured it out and everything went really well. Saturday and Sunday  we had district conference, which is stake conference but in a district. President and Hermana Caffaro were there and everything was just great. 

Sound like you guys are really getting into the holiday spirits and enjoying yourselves quite a bit. Mom sounds like you Grandparents day went really well, some times I feel like you did why am I contacting or why am I still teaching this person but then God always sends me someone amazing to make me realize why.  Love you all Love Conn

                                               The member that headed to the states

                                                     Elder Magdaleno Jose (Pimpi)

              This was my Thanksgiving dinner and a cake we gave to Hermano Ronald because we love him