Monday, June 22, 2015

Warning: there's a bit of gross

Well it has been another fantastic week in the mission field. Its crazy how fast the time is passing and I know that its just going to pass faster and faster as the time goes on. This week started off pretty good. Monday we went and ate at Wendy's which yall know I love Wendy's. After that we played Soccer, of course, and I bought some sweet soccer shoes which are really nice and I like them a lot. It rained super hard but a huge blessing about this church is that they have an indoor court to play basketball but we convert it every week into a soccer court and play indoors. If the hermanas didn't play with us, we would just keep playing outside but because they always play with us we have to play inside. Other than that it didn't rain that much this week which is good because as I've told you its a little bit cold here and when it rains I get wet and then I get really cold.  My clothes dry outside so when it rains my clothes don't dry and I have to use the same pair of garments a couple days in a row,which is just nasty. Tuesday was pretty sweet.  We had our zone conference which was really fun because they had one of my teachers from the CCM teach us some stuff. So ya,it was pretty fun to see him again but now that he knows I'm in the zone, he really wants to leave with me. This really scares me because he's like the perfect missionary and I am very far from a perfect missionary so I know I'll leave with him and he'll tell me a ton of things I have to do better and I'll feel just like I did in the CCM. Wednesday was a pretty good day. I cant remember anything that happened but I'm sure it was a great day.  Thursday I got to do divisions with Elder Searle which was a huge blessing because its nice to be able to talk in English a little bit. Elder Searle finished 22 months and Thursady is 2 for 1 at Dominos pizza, so we bought some pizzas to celebrate. After that we stayed up until 1 in the morning just talking and all that jazz. After that I was up until 3 in the morning suffering from sever stomach pains until I barfed and was finally able to sleep. Friday was pretty rough because I felt like crap the entire day and was once again peeing out of my butt. Saturday, I took a parasite test and it turns out I've got two different types of Parasites and bacteria which means that there is just a party going on in my stomach, but dont worry I'm on drugs and getting better. Today we woke up early and played soccer which was pretty fun. The youth are in their spring break right now so we have a lot of chances to leave with them. I go to a barber to cut my hair.   I bless people all the time, they seem to think that as missionaries we have more power or something. Haven't gotten your package but I did get one from Marianne which was great. I love you all a ton  Love Connor  
 dont know whats up with my camera, but that's me and elder searle with our pizzas and Mike and Ikes that his family sent him. Love you all. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

     This week was pretty great. I loved hearing about your guys trip to Mexico and it sounds like it was a really good experience for all of you. So this week some really sweet things happened but I'm going to do the day by day as usual because that helps me a lot. So Monday was pretty rough because I was sick but we still did some pretty fun stuff. So the rules for the p-days are that you can't leave the area of your stake. Our stake is pretty huge so we are able to do all sorts of fun stuff. We went with Elder Searle and Elder Alegria to a artisan's market where they sell a ton of really cool typical stuff to Gringos so its all really over priced and I didn't buy anything. After that we went to eat lunch in the giant mall that's in our zone and then we sat around at the church for awhile because I felt like crap, I got my hair cut to, which was fun.  Tuesday was a little bit weird because we didn't have a district council which was nice because I had nothing planned. Other than that it was a pretty normal day. I had about a half hour chat with this Evangelical which was super fun some people are just soo lost.  Wednesday, we had a Multizone Conference which was lots of fun because I was able to see a lot of my friends that are in other zones and all that, This conference was a little bit special because we had a seventy there. Elder Alonso is from Mexico and came to just blow our minds talking about all sorts of really crazy things I'll have to teach you when I get home because like I said it was mind blowing. He showed us about how nothing in the scriptures in just there, that it all has a meaning and we just have to study to find it. President and his wife gave some really great talks as well and I got my backpack which was great because my back couldn't handle any more of the other bag. Thursday, we had divisions with the Zone leaders which was a lot of fun. We had a sweet lesson with some investigators that are pretty simple people but they're progressing, which is amazing because they can't read anything.  Friday was fantastic as well.  We were guided all day by the spirit and saw so many blessings. Saturday, it also rained pretty hard and we had no umbrellas so we got super wet and then the power went out so we had no way to heat ourselves or see in the house.   Sunday was normal and  it was fun because we got to eat shrimp which was good but I was really worried it was going to make me sick. Anyway I love you guys a ton and just so you know I'm probably going to take out like 50 dollars today to buy some new shoes to play soccer in, my other ones are completely destroyed. Love you all a ton. Love Connor. 
This is my backpack because I know that you guys will want to see it, its pretty sweet and rides right above my hips with a waist strap so I hardly feel the weight. 

                           These are pictures Con's last comp, Elder DeLeon sent to him
 Elder Neil 
Elder De Leon and Milton

This is a picture of the multi-zone conference I got from President Caffaro's Facebook page

June 8, 2015

     Okay to start out with the funnest stuff, first this morning I woke up with parasites. We ate a ton of food yesterday so I'm not sure what gave it to me but it really sucks. I woke up at around 3 in the morning just dying of stomach pains, then at five I finally went to the bathroom and it was not a very happy experience. I got some pretty nasty boo which is missionary slang for diarrhea, and since 5 in the morning I think I've gone to the bathroom like 20 times, Its ridiculous and not very fun at all, so hopefully it will go away soon and I won't poop my pants anytime soon. Okay, so my district is pretty sweet. There's me and my comp, then the Zone Leaders, then Elder Searle, who was my district leader when I started the mission and now I'm going to be his district leader when he dies. Elder Searle is training and his kid's name is Elder Alegria which translated means happiness. Then we have two Sisters in the district, one is named Hermana Kimball and the other Hermana Pacheco, They're pretty good sisters and I haven't had any problems with them yet. Okay so Monday was p-day of course and we went to this huge mall thing with all sorts of options to eat which is really weird because its the first time I've had that in my mission. I went to Wendys which was really good. After that we went and played futbol of course, which was fun at first but then it started raining which makes things pretty cold.  Then the Hermanas showed up and its not very fun playing with them. They all whine that we don't pass to them or that we play to rough and crap like that. So pretty much every single day of the week it rained and it rained a lot. By Sunday all three pairs of my shoes were really wet and so I had to choose the ones that were least wet and use those. Um I'm getting along well with my comp. At first I wasn't. He's kind of immature and likes to joke around by pushing me and stuff like that, but this week I worked really hard on loving him and now we're getting along really well. This week nothing really cool happened. I don't know if I told you about the pets we have in this area but there are two dogs that follow us everywhere which is fun because one of them is really big and protects us from the other dogs. The downside is that on Sundays they follow us to church and try to nose there way into the church and that's not okay. 
To be honest with you guys, this area is pretty dang dangerous. My second day here I saw a dead body and I've heard shots quite a few times but it's only dangerous at night and we know what areas to stay away from so don't worry about me.  The bod was covered with a tarp so it wasn't too bad but you know still really sad. Hope you guys have a fantastic week building houses in Mexico even though the people of Guatemala really don't like the Mexicans so its something I've kind of inherited from them.  Anyway I love you guys a ton and hope you're having a fantastic time in Mexico and doing lots of good. Love Connor

Monday, June 1, 2015

     Well first off I'm really glad to hear you got my package from Elder Overy and just in case you couldn't figure everything out the bag is for mom the wallet for Chase the bracelets for Katie the hair band for Kenna and the pen holder for dad, I looked for a cool golfball but they don't have any sorry. Any way changes. So just so you know I am now in an area called El Pajon which is in the zona Don Justo. Its a really really really big area. We have like 5 sectors that we work in and I'm pretty sure that every one of them is just as big as my last area. The members are super supportive and willing to work with us. My comps name is Elder Moreno. He's from El Salvador and he's from my same group so we have the same time in the mission and will be going home together. Anyway now for the day by day. Monday we went out and ate pizza with Milton which was fun and then he came with us to play soccer at the stake center. We played until about 4 o'clock  and then we left so I could say goodbye to some members. I didn't pass by with that many.  The first was the Family Cruz who have helped us out a lot and given us a lot of food. Then I went to say goodbye to some really awesome recent converts named Sergio and Myra which was fun.   After that we went to get our clothes and say bye to some members down in the other area, to finish the night off we had dinner with the Estacuys. That was super hard, not going to lie, it was like saying goodbye to you guys again. We had a dinner and before we ate they all went around and talked about me and all of them but the son cried because I was leaving. Gracie told me that I replaced her sister and now that I was leaving it was going to be super hard. Anyway I miss them a ton but I've talked to them a little bit on the phone since then. Tuesday was the change meeting and it was pretty good. I got to see all my friends and a ton of people from my group. President wasn't there but it was still pretty good. So a little bit more about my area. Its the coldest area in the mission but its not that cold. To give it a comparison, its just like camping in the summer in Utah. The surroundings are about the same too. There are a ton of pine trees and I''m pretty much just walking through a forest all the time, its super beautiful and I love it. We have a lot to do and I'm walking all the time so I've been super tired always.  Saturday, we had two baptisms that I had nothing to do with but it was still really cool. Sunday was fun. The church is really big and the members are really nice. We have two gringos that live in our ward that are from Utah which is fun. Kenna, I'm glad you had a good birthday and hope you guys have a good summer and lots of fun in Mexico. Love you a ton. Love Connor 

First off this is me and Gracie being Elephants which was pretty fun and then the entire family and my comp
 From here on down, Connor didn't say who any of these people are, but I'm guessing they are people he said goodbye to in his last area.
Sergio Myra 

Nerry and Nelson

Me and my comp with our sweet mustaches. 

Elder Moreno

 The church and the baptism and then a really cool wall in our house that is just covered in pictures of Jesus.