Monday, June 15, 2015

June 8, 2015

     Okay to start out with the funnest stuff, first this morning I woke up with parasites. We ate a ton of food yesterday so I'm not sure what gave it to me but it really sucks. I woke up at around 3 in the morning just dying of stomach pains, then at five I finally went to the bathroom and it was not a very happy experience. I got some pretty nasty boo which is missionary slang for diarrhea, and since 5 in the morning I think I've gone to the bathroom like 20 times, Its ridiculous and not very fun at all, so hopefully it will go away soon and I won't poop my pants anytime soon. Okay, so my district is pretty sweet. There's me and my comp, then the Zone Leaders, then Elder Searle, who was my district leader when I started the mission and now I'm going to be his district leader when he dies. Elder Searle is training and his kid's name is Elder Alegria which translated means happiness. Then we have two Sisters in the district, one is named Hermana Kimball and the other Hermana Pacheco, They're pretty good sisters and I haven't had any problems with them yet. Okay so Monday was p-day of course and we went to this huge mall thing with all sorts of options to eat which is really weird because its the first time I've had that in my mission. I went to Wendys which was really good. After that we went and played futbol of course, which was fun at first but then it started raining which makes things pretty cold.  Then the Hermanas showed up and its not very fun playing with them. They all whine that we don't pass to them or that we play to rough and crap like that. So pretty much every single day of the week it rained and it rained a lot. By Sunday all three pairs of my shoes were really wet and so I had to choose the ones that were least wet and use those. Um I'm getting along well with my comp. At first I wasn't. He's kind of immature and likes to joke around by pushing me and stuff like that, but this week I worked really hard on loving him and now we're getting along really well. This week nothing really cool happened. I don't know if I told you about the pets we have in this area but there are two dogs that follow us everywhere which is fun because one of them is really big and protects us from the other dogs. The downside is that on Sundays they follow us to church and try to nose there way into the church and that's not okay. 
To be honest with you guys, this area is pretty dang dangerous. My second day here I saw a dead body and I've heard shots quite a few times but it's only dangerous at night and we know what areas to stay away from so don't worry about me.  The bod was covered with a tarp so it wasn't too bad but you know still really sad. Hope you guys have a fantastic week building houses in Mexico even though the people of Guatemala really don't like the Mexicans so its something I've kind of inherited from them.  Anyway I love you guys a ton and hope you're having a fantastic time in Mexico and doing lots of good. Love Connor

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