Monday, March 30, 2015

     This week was pretty awesome. Monday we went and ate at McDonalds.   It was really good and I ate a ton of food. Then we played soccer like every other week but its tons of fun so I don't really mind, although my toes still hurt every once in a while when I'm running around and kicking the ball. Tuesday, we had the district counsel which went really well.  This was really good because the Assistants were there and they never come to district meetings so it freaked me out a little bit but it wasn't anything bad.  We were able to learn a lot from them. The rest of the day was pretty normal and I can't remember anything else that happened. Wednesday was really normal too and I don't think anything really great happened that day either. Thursday I had divisions with Elder Hart again which was really fun. We spent most the day contacting and walking up and down this huge hill in his area which was not fun at all. Funny story time. So we were contacting this street and we were each contacting on opposite sides of the street and on my side of the street there were these three teenage girls sitting outside on their front steps. Elder Hart asked me if I was going to contact them and I said no and he said he wouldn't contact them either. After the next house he contacted, he looked at me and asked will you buy me cookies if I do it? I told him I would so he went and contacted the snakes. They pretty much just sat there and laughed at everything he said because that's how teenage girls are, but he set a visit with them and who knows, maybe one day they'll get baptized. On Friday, I did divisions with Elder Hurst.  Friday, it rained on us which was unexpected. Its not supposed to start raining until May, but I love the rain so I'm not going to complain. Saturday we  had an activity at the church. We watched a movie and pretty much nobody showed up. Sunday was church, which was normal. Okay so now I want to tell you guys about two of our investigators that are super pilas. One is named Jeffery and he's 18 and loves the Gospel and is already seeing changes in his live from it.  The other is Milton and he's 17 and amazing as well. They both came to the activity on Saturday and church on Sunday. These two have been prepared by the Lord and are ready to accept the gospel. 

     My  favorite food is pupusas, easily. Spiritual experiences? Well really, every lesson that I get a chance to bear my testimony of the Savior and what he's done for us. Ya we have some one to cook for us and it's breakfast and lunch  The majority of missionaries here don't eat dinner. Chase I'm disappointed you didn't go to mutual to be honest with you. It may have sounded boring but that's not a good reason not to go. The church is really stressing family history right now, and I know I'm going to sound like a hypocrite but I really think you should try and get into it a little bit. That's one of the things I've learned on my mission, the importance of family history work and I plan on getting into it when I get home. Anyway I love you all and 'wait to hear from you next week. Love Connor

 Elder Ngungutau Elder Long Elder Cruz Elder Hurst Elder Henderson
                    This is the kid that got his mission call this week and will leave for Ecuador the 15th of July
Elder Hurst Elder Long Elder Ngungutau Darian

Monday, March 23, 2015

     So this week was really pretty crazy, Monday was really normal.   We wrote and went to eat at this Chinese joint which was pretty good, not the best food I"ve ever eaten but not the worst. After that we took a nap at our house.  Then we got our hair cut and spent some time at the house of some members. After that we played football until the end of pday. 
     On Tuesday we had my second district council which went really well. I felt like it was pretty spiritual which was awesome and this week supposedly the APs are going to come because they are part of my district which is fun. After that we all went and helped two of the elders in my district move. It was so good that they finally changed houses, because their old house was so terrible.  They only had water for like two hours and it was tiny and super dirty so we helped them move all their things into this truck and then moved it all to their new house.   After their move we did divisions with them because I had to do some more interviews with them. The new house was really nice but the water heater didn't work so I had to take a freakin cold shower in the morning. Tuesday night I felt really bad again but I'm doing alright now. 
     On Wednesday we had the opportunity to listen  to an apostle which was awesome. Elder Neil L Anderson came and talked to us about what we have to do as missionaries here in Guatemala. He talked about how in France they had to convince the people to believe in Christ but as missionaries in Guatemala we have to teach the people about the Atonement and obeying the commandments with exactness. It was a super spiritual experience and I can't wait to see who will come next year. Because the offices of the church are here in Guatemala we get the chance to listen to one every year. After the conference we had divisions with the Zone leaders which wasn't anything special because we only had like an hour and a half to work. Funny story though, Me and elder Hart were walking back to the bus along this super busy street when these two school buses full of teenage girls drive pass. When the girls saw two gringos walking down the street they dropped all the windows and started yelling and whistling at us and all that stuff, it was so funny. 
     On Friday we did divisions with the Elders in Guajitos which was fun.   I finally got to have a day just in Spanish which was really nice. Saturday and Sunday were really boring although Sunday we did see some sweet blessings. One was this new investigator and the other was this member that left with us the entire day. 

     There are 8 elders in my district including me and my comp. The family that cooks for us is absolutist crazy and we're planning on changing this month because the food isn't very good.   There's not very much of it and they charge us a ton. Hardest part about the mission, I don't know there's nothing super hard but the best part is all the things I've learned so far. Love you all so much and hope you all have and awesome week. Love Connor

Monday, March 16, 2015

     This week has been pretty freakin awesome. On Monday we played soccer all day and it was really fun.  I'm actually starting to get kind of good and can score a couple goals when we play. On Tuesday we had the zone conference. This is where a bunch of zones get together and the  president talks to us and gets us all pumped up about the vision of the mission which is 200 baptisms in one month. The assistants gave an awesome talk about the little things we have to do to get to the goal. After that we finally got to watch Meet the Mormons which is a fantastic movie and if you haven't seen it you have to go see it right now. We had to watch it in Spanish because that's all that President has, but I understood most of it. I still really want to see it in English.  
      Wednesday I got to do my first baptismal interview which was really awesome. It was for a family and we didn't think the mom was going to pass because she wasn't willing to close her store on Sundays. She'd talked to the bishop about it and he said it was okay. So I went through the entire interview and when we got to the question about the Sabbath day, we had a really good discussion about it.  I was prompted to have her pray right there with me and ask God what he wanted her to do. She did it and received the answer that she needed to close her store. That night she talked to her husband and then the next day I was able to go back and finish the interview. I was also able to do the interview of her kids which was really fun. One of her kids is this 14 year old kid named Omar who is just amazing. I love the kid to death and he wanted me to do his baptism so I think he's pretty great. 
     Then on Thursday this crazy old lady from the ward called us and said she needed a blessing. When we got there, she told us she needed an exorcism and we were all like,"what the heck is lady talking about?" We listened to her story and  determined that she was insane. We gave her a blessing of peace and then she made us bless her bed. Anyway it was a really weird experience and I think that was the hardest I've laughed in a long time.
      On Saturday we had the baptism which was awesome I was able to baptize Omar, who is a huge punk and was super nervous. Sunday was not so fun. We ran into a bunch of people that just attacked us. The first guy pretty much told us we were going to hell because we used more books than just the bible.   Then this other lady told me a ton of crap. She started off saying that we don't believe that Jesus is our Savior, that he was only a prophet. Then she told me that we believe Joseph Smith is some sort of god and  that we don't use the Bible, just the BoM. Short story is that I answered all her stupid statements with the truth and then we left. I'm sorry to say it but I left that lesson super angry, I was mad that she was attacking me with all this stuff that was obviously not true and at the knowledge that no matter what I said or did there was nothing that could make her feel the spirit. 

I cant go to bed early as DL because I have to spend the entire night calling everyone in my district asking for stats and talking to them about they're day. What I do as a district leader is I have to plan a district counsel every week and I have to do divisions once a week and baptismal interviews when someone is going to be baptized.  We pretty much just eat pancakes all the time because they're really yummy and really easy to cook. Best thing about my mission right now is the area I'm in.  The members are awesome, my leaders are awesome and my comp is awesome. I'm doing really well and love you all. Love Connor.  

          This is the family that was baptized. I baptized the 14 year old kid, love him so much. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Seven Months!

     First off yes they made me district leader which isn't too bad but it does mean that I can't go to bed  early anymore. Other than that this week was pretty calm we had changes Tuesday and we just worked like normal because we didn't have changes. The new Elder that is sharing the area with us is a gringo which means that all the elders in our ward are gringos which is really weird but whatever. I had to do my first district meeting Wednesday, which wasn't great but I didn't have much time to prepare and the next one will be so much better. In that first meeting our entire district was gringos so we decided to have it in English, which was really weird but kind of fun. Unfortunately we won't be able to do that again because half way through the week we got two more elders in our district ruining our perfectly gringo district but whatever.
      This week we have found some really awesome investigators, which I'm really excited about. I don't think I've told you about this yet but there are these drunk guys that we see in our area almost everyday and we decided to give them names awhile back. They all have Spongbob names because that's what they're like. One is always super happy and always talks to us so he's named Spongbob.  He's got a really good friend that is named Patrick and then one that's really tall and grumpy who is Squidward. They're a lot of fun and make me laugh all the time.
     On Sunday we got to do divisions with the traveling assistants, which was really fun. Pretty much what they are are assistants that spend all their time going around visiting all the areas and working with all the elders to help them be better and all that stuff. So  I got to spend the entire day with Elder O'Very which was really fun because we were able to talk about Cache Valley and swimming and all that sort of fun stuff. He's an amazing missionary and I was able to learn so much from him. 

    One investigator we have is named Carlos.   He's a carpenter and is super nice.  He's about 50 years old and always gives us food or a drink when we go over. If all goes well he should get baptized the 28th. Miracle: we had a fantastic day with the assistants. What made me laugh the hardest was when Elder Bento, one of the assistants told us about one of the contacts that he and my comp made with this guy that says he's talked with the devil and seen Jesus and God like seven times. The way he told the story was super funny and I laughed a ton. 

Anyway that's it for this week. I love you guys a ton and hope you have a fantastic week. Love Connor

*Con sent these pictures with no explanation, except that it was p-day 

Elder Salgado Elder Jaxson Elder Vasquez 

Elder Estrella Elder Hart Elder Simoni Elder Narvias Elder Hurst Elder Jensen
                    Mom this are for you just to show you that I found a Dr Pepper and it was really good. 
                                   Con, Elder Bento, Elder O'Very, and Elder Ngungutua
Elder Overy 
Elder Bento Elder Ngungutau

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

     Well to be completely honest with you, I'm struggling to think of what I'm going to write you because its only been like 5 days since I sent my last email and nothing has really happened. We had a ton of divisions this week which means we had like two. I already told you about the divisions we had with the zone leaders and then on Friday we had divisions with Elder Belengheri. The only reason we did divisions is because he heard a member was going to give us these super amazing burritos, but then on Thursday she called us and told us she couldn't give us burritos until Sunday, so the divisions were completely useless. Pretty much we just spent the entire day contacting because our area is divided up into three different sectors and two of the sectors are doing really well but we have one sector that has only one investigator, so when we have to work there its pretty much just contacting all day long. We did have a really good dinner on Friday though because we bought chocolate pancakes and they were super good. Tomorrow is the change meeting but we don't have changes which I'm happy and sad about because I really like Elder Ngungutau but I would really like to have a comp that could help me out a little bit more in the lessons and I still have a lot to learn about Spanish and would like a comp that could help me learn a little faster, because the two of us are both newbies.
      So cool story, yesterday we were just walking down the street on our way to a visit and these two kids in a store called us over and said they wanted to talk to us. Any time someone says that it makes us super happy because there are few people that really want to talk to us. Turns out they are two members from Quetzaltenango that had moved here awhile ago and didn't have a Book of Mormon and didn't know where the church was at. We were able to hook them up with a triple and tell them where the church was at.  They were really nice and said they had talked to Blake.  I don't remember what the name of they're town is but they said Blake did the baptism interview for their mom. Like I said earlier, tomorrow is changes and our District Leader is going to leave and everyone is telling me I'm going to be district leader which is something I do not want so I'm trying to plan something that will get me out of that. No, I'm just kidding.

     My toes are fine, I can walk without any problem. They still hurt to the touch and if I stub them or anything like that it hurts. I think I can run but I haven't really tried. The last couple of p-days have been kind of boring. I just sat out there and tanned for a couple hours. Last p-day, we went bowling and I won by some miracle. My score was 103 and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I scored over 100. The marijuana didn't give me any buzz and I don't think it really did anything. Semma Sana is Easter for Guatemala, but its the entire week and its a huge celebration all week long. Everyone either goes to the beach or passes the entire week drunk out of their minds. Pretty much we just cook pancakes or eggs and beans. Favorite scripture this week is 3Nephi 28 34. Today I plan on playing futbol no matter what, I don't care if I ruin my foot again or not. I can't just sit there again, it was so boring. Anyway I love you all a ton. Love Connor

                                                                Elder Ngungutua

                            Elder Hurst Elder Ngungutau Elder Bellengheri
  With Elder Estrella, who is an awesome Elder and he's leaving tomorrow which makes me really sad.
                                                             My first ever high sccore
                                                                    Action shots

Our chocolate pancake and pepsi dinner. I love you all a ton and hope y'all feel bad because I'm sending so many pictures and receiving hardly any.

                               Here are some more pictures of my area just so you can see how it is.