Monday, March 16, 2015

     This week has been pretty freakin awesome. On Monday we played soccer all day and it was really fun.  I'm actually starting to get kind of good and can score a couple goals when we play. On Tuesday we had the zone conference. This is where a bunch of zones get together and the  president talks to us and gets us all pumped up about the vision of the mission which is 200 baptisms in one month. The assistants gave an awesome talk about the little things we have to do to get to the goal. After that we finally got to watch Meet the Mormons which is a fantastic movie and if you haven't seen it you have to go see it right now. We had to watch it in Spanish because that's all that President has, but I understood most of it. I still really want to see it in English.  
      Wednesday I got to do my first baptismal interview which was really awesome. It was for a family and we didn't think the mom was going to pass because she wasn't willing to close her store on Sundays. She'd talked to the bishop about it and he said it was okay. So I went through the entire interview and when we got to the question about the Sabbath day, we had a really good discussion about it.  I was prompted to have her pray right there with me and ask God what he wanted her to do. She did it and received the answer that she needed to close her store. That night she talked to her husband and then the next day I was able to go back and finish the interview. I was also able to do the interview of her kids which was really fun. One of her kids is this 14 year old kid named Omar who is just amazing. I love the kid to death and he wanted me to do his baptism so I think he's pretty great. 
     Then on Thursday this crazy old lady from the ward called us and said she needed a blessing. When we got there, she told us she needed an exorcism and we were all like,"what the heck is lady talking about?" We listened to her story and  determined that she was insane. We gave her a blessing of peace and then she made us bless her bed. Anyway it was a really weird experience and I think that was the hardest I've laughed in a long time.
      On Saturday we had the baptism which was awesome I was able to baptize Omar, who is a huge punk and was super nervous. Sunday was not so fun. We ran into a bunch of people that just attacked us. The first guy pretty much told us we were going to hell because we used more books than just the bible.   Then this other lady told me a ton of crap. She started off saying that we don't believe that Jesus is our Savior, that he was only a prophet. Then she told me that we believe Joseph Smith is some sort of god and  that we don't use the Bible, just the BoM. Short story is that I answered all her stupid statements with the truth and then we left. I'm sorry to say it but I left that lesson super angry, I was mad that she was attacking me with all this stuff that was obviously not true and at the knowledge that no matter what I said or did there was nothing that could make her feel the spirit. 

I cant go to bed early as DL because I have to spend the entire night calling everyone in my district asking for stats and talking to them about they're day. What I do as a district leader is I have to plan a district counsel every week and I have to do divisions once a week and baptismal interviews when someone is going to be baptized.  We pretty much just eat pancakes all the time because they're really yummy and really easy to cook. Best thing about my mission right now is the area I'm in.  The members are awesome, my leaders are awesome and my comp is awesome. I'm doing really well and love you all. Love Connor.  

          This is the family that was baptized. I baptized the 14 year old kid, love him so much. 

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