Monday, January 26, 2015


     Let me tell you about the most stressful week of my mission. So it started out last Monday, right. I spent the day running all over Mita saying goodbye to all the investigators and members we could find. It was really hard to leave because Mita had become my home and I was leaving it in the hands some other elders I didn't know but now I do know that the Elders that are there are really hard workers and Mita is in good hands. The change meeting was crazy as usual. Everyone is really nervous and just wants to know where they're going to go and who they're going to be with. My changes were the second to last zone so I got to see almost all of the changes and know where all the people I know are at. When my named popped up I about crapped myself because under my picture was the title, trainer.  I thought it must be some sort of mistake but nope my new comp is a Elder with one change in the mission and can't speak Spanish to save his life. His name is Elder Nungutau and his last comp was a Latino Elder. My comp is awesome and I love him a ton, like I said he can't speak the language at all but he's here and he trying so the Lord is going to bless him. On top of training, my comp knows almost nothing about the area . He doesn't know who the recent converts are or most of the investigators so I'm pretty much starting from nothing and going from there. 
     This week has also been the week that I've seen the most blessings. The Lord has helped me so much and I've been able to see his hand in my life more than ever. I've also grown a lot closer to him and learned to rely on him a lot more. I don't think I've ever prayed as much or as fervently as I have this week and he has responded in amazing ways. 

     My new area is called La Justo and its inside the cap so its much colder but we have hot water for showers so I'm happy. Its really close to the airport.  There are always airplanes flying over and they're really close. Its a little bit rougher but I don't think well have any problems.  My comps really big so nobody should bother us. The district is about the same size, same with our zone. I don't think I need anything other than your prayers. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week.   I forgot my camera in the house so next week you'll get a ton I promise. 
     So today we had an awesome conference where we got to listen to a member of the first quorum of the seventy. It was amazing and I learned so much about how I can use the spirit more in my teaching and how we have to teach the Atonement always because that is what will change peoples lives. 
     To answer questions. We see the mission president at the change meetings and usually once in the change during interviews or a zone conference. I don't remember if he asked me if I was a hard worker when I came out, that was a long time ago.  I haven't seen a lot of drugs.   Drunk people, ya I've seen a ton and I have seen some high people but that's about it. Never had a gun pulled on me or even had someone try to rob me. I've been very lucky so far. Nope don't need a rain coat.  I think I'll be good with my umbrella and ya the bananas are pretty good. I love you all so much and Chase I'm going to try to get you birthday letter sent sometime this week.  You're going to have so much fun with Noah, that kid always cracked me up. Love you all a ton. Love Connor

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sick! (some of the language in this blog may not be appropriate for the squeamish)

     There is so much to tell you I don't know where to start. I guess 'Ill start out by telling you I did get the package this week!!!! Thank you so much for all the fun gifts and for all the candy you sent me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those crazy socks you sent me because they are against the rules but I'll probably use them any way. Oh and I got the package from Aaron and Amy Jo as week, tell them thank you.

     Okay so the only really good day of this week was Monday, when we went to some pretty sweet springs and waterfalls with a family of investigators and a recent convert. It was super fun and for the record I didn't swim just waded and got splashed a ton. That was pretty much our whole P-day but it was super fun and all that stuff. Monday night I went to bed with a head ache but didn't think anything of until about one in the morning when I woke up with a headache so bad I thought it would be better if I just cut my head off and a fever so high I was certain my bed was on fire or something. Oh and also a amazingly painful stomachache. I asked my comp for a blessing right there and fell asleep about 3 hours later. Woke up Tuesday morning feeling better but not great and so we went to the district meeting and got all my packages. When we got back we went to lunch but I couldn't eat anything. After that we went out and worked for awhile but I started feeling super sick and the day ended with me in the house of this super awesome family just trying not to barf on their floor. Luckily I made it and then immediately barfed outside on our way to dinner. Luckily that was the worst of it although I continued to feel terrible through out the week. My poop has been pure liquid since Tuesday and I've gone to the bathroom more times then I can count.
     Friday we had a house inspection which was fun and I got to meet one of the senior couples that I didn't know.  I also got to take a parasite test which means I got to poop in a cup which was definitely a new experience. Elder Prestwich is really sick too so he go to take the test as well. Anyways, turns out I don't have a parasite just some sort of bacteria so I'm on drugs now and doing much better. So I do have changes and so does my comp and so does Elder Prestwich and Elder Solorzano, which means there will be four bran new elders in Mita on Wednesday . I'm super worried about my investigators, there are so many that are awesome and I'm worried they'll be lost. Anyway I'll let you know where I'm at next week. 

     What made me laugh was the way Prestwich is walking because his bum is rubbed raw from wiping.  I was frustrated when my comp got really lazy Saturday and Sunday and didn't want to work. Best moment I got to go to a lesson with a member of the stake presidency and it was really awesome.  I felt the spirit strong. Yes, I eat quite a lot of bananas but they're smaller than the ones in the U.S. and we eat a lot of platanos which are pretty much the same thing. Haven't gone shopping yet so I don't have a new bag. That's about it for this week hope you guys have a good day off. Love ya. Love Connor
                                                                  Elder Prestwich

                                                    Elder Simoni Elder Prestwich

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last week in Mita?

     I don't know why but this week flew by.  It went by so fast and its crazy to think that in one week I will probably be leaving Mita forever. Its a really sad thought because I love this place and I love the people here. They are amazing and love the lord so much. Its really weird to me how here in Guatemala the Lord is a part of everyone's life. In the U.S. if something good happens to someone most people say it was all luck or hard work or something like that but the people here always give the credit to God and know that they are nothing without him. They all have so much faith it's amazing. They also have some crazy beliefs.    
       Yesterday we had a lesson with this lady that said she was willing to come to church and live the gospel but she will not be baptized because once she was dying in the hospital and promised God if she was healed she would be baptized. Short story is that she got baptized in some  evangelical church and feels like she'll break her promise with God if she gets baptized again. We tried to explain the authority and all that jazz but she won't listen, it's very frustrating. I got to have divisions with Elder Zuñiga again this week and it was so much fun.  He has a hard time teaching and I just sit there and listen to him and then try to make sense of what he's saying, but in the end I just left all our lessons feeling really confused.
      We were going to have a baptism this week but the guy that was going to be baptized, Juan Manuel, was working all week so we couldn't have the interview, but he should be good for this weekend. The best part about this week was on Sunday.   This super awesome family that we've been teaching finally came to church. We've been teaching them for a couple weeks and they haven't been able to come to church because of his work but then they randomly showed up this Sunday and made me sooooooooooo happy. 
     To answer some of your other questions, there are a ton of different languages spoken in Guatemala.   Like over 200 or some crazy number like that but most of them are only spoken in Coban and the northern part of the country. My testimony has grown mostly just by sharing it so much with other people and realizing just how strongly I really do believe the things that I'm teaching. I love you guys a ton. Love Connor 

 Here  is a picture of a general  door in Guatemala just so you guys can know what it is that I'm knocking on all day long and the second is picture of Elder Zuñiga so you have a face to put with the name.
Elder Zunigu

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

     First off, I have not gotten the Christmas package. Other bad new is that my shoulder bag keeps breaking. This week I had to start using a backpack that Elder Prestwich loaned me and I'll probably have to buy a new bag somewhere. Other than that all is well. 

      Okay, this week nothing super special happened. Wednesday and Thursday were super dead again because the people party just as hard on New Years as they do on Christmas. At midnight on the 31st the people sent off a ton of fireworks. We had to be in our house at 9:30 like any other day so we didn't get to see any of them but we sure as heck heard them and then they set them off again at like 3 in the morning for who knows why. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night which was okay because there was nothing to do on Thursday. We spent almost the entire day in the house of a member just chatting with them and eating Ice cream and other delicious treats. On Saturday and Sunday I had divisions with Elder Mendez, our zone leader.   He's going home in three weeks so it was a great opportunity to learn from him and all that crap. When I was on divisions we ran out of stuff to do around 8:30, so we just sat outside his house for awhile then went in and watched Ephraim's Rescue which is an amazing movie that you should all watch if you haven't seen it. Fast Sunday was long and yes dad we fast for 24 hours and two meals. The hunger usually doesn't bother me too bad but I get super thirsty. Its been crazy hot again this week like just as bad as when I first got here.  It suuuuuucks. I can't wait to get into the capital where the weather is better.
     To answer your question Hermana Roxana telling us she wasn't going to cook for us was a cruel joke and she's going to keep cooking for us. Tender mercies; one is that Juan Manuel who we're going to Baptiste this Saturday is married to his spouse. This is a huge blessing because he's from here and she's from El Salvador and its rare that you can find people from two different countries that are married. Favorite thought from this week was reading in Alma 5 where he's just railing on the members of the church in Zarahemla and he asks a lot of really good questions. Something funny, well due to all the parties I've seen a lot of drunk people and they're usually pretty funny. I'm getting along well with my comp, he's a good guy and we get along fine. I'm glad you guys had a good week and that your party went well and you got to go skiing so much. I've really been missing skiing this week, its rough.  So funny story really fast, when I was on divisions with Elder Mendez we prayed in English because he's trying to learn English but I couldn't do it. I kept saying half the words in English and the prayer didn't make any sense. Elder Mendez made fun of me afterwards because it was so bad. Stupid Spanish.  I got to weigh myself again this week and 'Ive gained another ten pounds in the mission so I now weigh an amazing 170, but don't worry all my cloths still fit fine and I'm probabaly going to take some personal money out this week because I want to buy some casual shoes and a backpack. No pictures this week, sorry.  I'll do better next week. I love you all and hope you have an awesome new year.  Love, Connor