Monday, January 19, 2015

Sick! (some of the language in this blog may not be appropriate for the squeamish)

     There is so much to tell you I don't know where to start. I guess 'Ill start out by telling you I did get the package this week!!!! Thank you so much for all the fun gifts and for all the candy you sent me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those crazy socks you sent me because they are against the rules but I'll probably use them any way. Oh and I got the package from Aaron and Amy Jo as week, tell them thank you.

     Okay so the only really good day of this week was Monday, when we went to some pretty sweet springs and waterfalls with a family of investigators and a recent convert. It was super fun and for the record I didn't swim just waded and got splashed a ton. That was pretty much our whole P-day but it was super fun and all that stuff. Monday night I went to bed with a head ache but didn't think anything of until about one in the morning when I woke up with a headache so bad I thought it would be better if I just cut my head off and a fever so high I was certain my bed was on fire or something. Oh and also a amazingly painful stomachache. I asked my comp for a blessing right there and fell asleep about 3 hours later. Woke up Tuesday morning feeling better but not great and so we went to the district meeting and got all my packages. When we got back we went to lunch but I couldn't eat anything. After that we went out and worked for awhile but I started feeling super sick and the day ended with me in the house of this super awesome family just trying not to barf on their floor. Luckily I made it and then immediately barfed outside on our way to dinner. Luckily that was the worst of it although I continued to feel terrible through out the week. My poop has been pure liquid since Tuesday and I've gone to the bathroom more times then I can count.
     Friday we had a house inspection which was fun and I got to meet one of the senior couples that I didn't know.  I also got to take a parasite test which means I got to poop in a cup which was definitely a new experience. Elder Prestwich is really sick too so he go to take the test as well. Anyways, turns out I don't have a parasite just some sort of bacteria so I'm on drugs now and doing much better. So I do have changes and so does my comp and so does Elder Prestwich and Elder Solorzano, which means there will be four bran new elders in Mita on Wednesday . I'm super worried about my investigators, there are so many that are awesome and I'm worried they'll be lost. Anyway I'll let you know where I'm at next week. 

     What made me laugh was the way Prestwich is walking because his bum is rubbed raw from wiping.  I was frustrated when my comp got really lazy Saturday and Sunday and didn't want to work. Best moment I got to go to a lesson with a member of the stake presidency and it was really awesome.  I felt the spirit strong. Yes, I eat quite a lot of bananas but they're smaller than the ones in the U.S. and we eat a lot of platanos which are pretty much the same thing. Haven't gone shopping yet so I don't have a new bag. That's about it for this week hope you guys have a good day off. Love ya. Love Connor
                                                                  Elder Prestwich

                                                    Elder Simoni Elder Prestwich

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