Monday, March 23, 2015

     So this week was really pretty crazy, Monday was really normal.   We wrote and went to eat at this Chinese joint which was pretty good, not the best food I"ve ever eaten but not the worst. After that we took a nap at our house.  Then we got our hair cut and spent some time at the house of some members. After that we played football until the end of pday. 
     On Tuesday we had my second district council which went really well. I felt like it was pretty spiritual which was awesome and this week supposedly the APs are going to come because they are part of my district which is fun. After that we all went and helped two of the elders in my district move. It was so good that they finally changed houses, because their old house was so terrible.  They only had water for like two hours and it was tiny and super dirty so we helped them move all their things into this truck and then moved it all to their new house.   After their move we did divisions with them because I had to do some more interviews with them. The new house was really nice but the water heater didn't work so I had to take a freakin cold shower in the morning. Tuesday night I felt really bad again but I'm doing alright now. 
     On Wednesday we had the opportunity to listen  to an apostle which was awesome. Elder Neil L Anderson came and talked to us about what we have to do as missionaries here in Guatemala. He talked about how in France they had to convince the people to believe in Christ but as missionaries in Guatemala we have to teach the people about the Atonement and obeying the commandments with exactness. It was a super spiritual experience and I can't wait to see who will come next year. Because the offices of the church are here in Guatemala we get the chance to listen to one every year. After the conference we had divisions with the Zone leaders which wasn't anything special because we only had like an hour and a half to work. Funny story though, Me and elder Hart were walking back to the bus along this super busy street when these two school buses full of teenage girls drive pass. When the girls saw two gringos walking down the street they dropped all the windows and started yelling and whistling at us and all that stuff, it was so funny. 
     On Friday we did divisions with the Elders in Guajitos which was fun.   I finally got to have a day just in Spanish which was really nice. Saturday and Sunday were really boring although Sunday we did see some sweet blessings. One was this new investigator and the other was this member that left with us the entire day. 

     There are 8 elders in my district including me and my comp. The family that cooks for us is absolutist crazy and we're planning on changing this month because the food isn't very good.   There's not very much of it and they charge us a ton. Hardest part about the mission, I don't know there's nothing super hard but the best part is all the things I've learned so far. Love you all so much and hope you all have and awesome week. Love Connor

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