Monday, March 9, 2015

Seven Months!

     First off yes they made me district leader which isn't too bad but it does mean that I can't go to bed  early anymore. Other than that this week was pretty calm we had changes Tuesday and we just worked like normal because we didn't have changes. The new Elder that is sharing the area with us is a gringo which means that all the elders in our ward are gringos which is really weird but whatever. I had to do my first district meeting Wednesday, which wasn't great but I didn't have much time to prepare and the next one will be so much better. In that first meeting our entire district was gringos so we decided to have it in English, which was really weird but kind of fun. Unfortunately we won't be able to do that again because half way through the week we got two more elders in our district ruining our perfectly gringo district but whatever.
      This week we have found some really awesome investigators, which I'm really excited about. I don't think I've told you about this yet but there are these drunk guys that we see in our area almost everyday and we decided to give them names awhile back. They all have Spongbob names because that's what they're like. One is always super happy and always talks to us so he's named Spongbob.  He's got a really good friend that is named Patrick and then one that's really tall and grumpy who is Squidward. They're a lot of fun and make me laugh all the time.
     On Sunday we got to do divisions with the traveling assistants, which was really fun. Pretty much what they are are assistants that spend all their time going around visiting all the areas and working with all the elders to help them be better and all that stuff. So  I got to spend the entire day with Elder O'Very which was really fun because we were able to talk about Cache Valley and swimming and all that sort of fun stuff. He's an amazing missionary and I was able to learn so much from him. 

    One investigator we have is named Carlos.   He's a carpenter and is super nice.  He's about 50 years old and always gives us food or a drink when we go over. If all goes well he should get baptized the 28th. Miracle: we had a fantastic day with the assistants. What made me laugh the hardest was when Elder Bento, one of the assistants told us about one of the contacts that he and my comp made with this guy that says he's talked with the devil and seen Jesus and God like seven times. The way he told the story was super funny and I laughed a ton. 

Anyway that's it for this week. I love you guys a ton and hope you have a fantastic week. Love Connor

*Con sent these pictures with no explanation, except that it was p-day 

Elder Salgado Elder Jaxson Elder Vasquez 

Elder Estrella Elder Hart Elder Simoni Elder Narvias Elder Hurst Elder Jensen
                    Mom this are for you just to show you that I found a Dr Pepper and it was really good. 
                                   Con, Elder Bento, Elder O'Very, and Elder Ngungutua
Elder Overy 
Elder Bento Elder Ngungutau

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