Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

     Well to be completely honest with you, I'm struggling to think of what I'm going to write you because its only been like 5 days since I sent my last email and nothing has really happened. We had a ton of divisions this week which means we had like two. I already told you about the divisions we had with the zone leaders and then on Friday we had divisions with Elder Belengheri. The only reason we did divisions is because he heard a member was going to give us these super amazing burritos, but then on Thursday she called us and told us she couldn't give us burritos until Sunday, so the divisions were completely useless. Pretty much we just spent the entire day contacting because our area is divided up into three different sectors and two of the sectors are doing really well but we have one sector that has only one investigator, so when we have to work there its pretty much just contacting all day long. We did have a really good dinner on Friday though because we bought chocolate pancakes and they were super good. Tomorrow is the change meeting but we don't have changes which I'm happy and sad about because I really like Elder Ngungutau but I would really like to have a comp that could help me out a little bit more in the lessons and I still have a lot to learn about Spanish and would like a comp that could help me learn a little faster, because the two of us are both newbies.
      So cool story, yesterday we were just walking down the street on our way to a visit and these two kids in a store called us over and said they wanted to talk to us. Any time someone says that it makes us super happy because there are few people that really want to talk to us. Turns out they are two members from Quetzaltenango that had moved here awhile ago and didn't have a Book of Mormon and didn't know where the church was at. We were able to hook them up with a triple and tell them where the church was at.  They were really nice and said they had talked to Blake.  I don't remember what the name of they're town is but they said Blake did the baptism interview for their mom. Like I said earlier, tomorrow is changes and our District Leader is going to leave and everyone is telling me I'm going to be district leader which is something I do not want so I'm trying to plan something that will get me out of that. No, I'm just kidding.

     My toes are fine, I can walk without any problem. They still hurt to the touch and if I stub them or anything like that it hurts. I think I can run but I haven't really tried. The last couple of p-days have been kind of boring. I just sat out there and tanned for a couple hours. Last p-day, we went bowling and I won by some miracle. My score was 103 and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I scored over 100. The marijuana didn't give me any buzz and I don't think it really did anything. Semma Sana is Easter for Guatemala, but its the entire week and its a huge celebration all week long. Everyone either goes to the beach or passes the entire week drunk out of their minds. Pretty much we just cook pancakes or eggs and beans. Favorite scripture this week is 3Nephi 28 34. Today I plan on playing futbol no matter what, I don't care if I ruin my foot again or not. I can't just sit there again, it was so boring. Anyway I love you all a ton. Love Connor

                                                                Elder Ngungutua

                            Elder Hurst Elder Ngungutau Elder Bellengheri
  With Elder Estrella, who is an awesome Elder and he's leaving tomorrow which makes me really sad.
                                                             My first ever high sccore
                                                                    Action shots

Our chocolate pancake and pepsi dinner. I love you all a ton and hope y'all feel bad because I'm sending so many pictures and receiving hardly any.

                               Here are some more pictures of my area just so you can see how it is.

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