Wednesday, February 25, 2015

     First off I'm really sorry about forgetting to tell you about not writing Monday and hope you weren't worried about me. Second off I'm glad you told me about the card but really wish I could have gotten that email Monday because I did need to take out money this week but I didn't try until Tuesday so it was too late and now I'm in debt to my comp because he had to buy me a  bunch of stuff at the distribution center. 

     This week was awesome.  We had a ton of really good lessons and found a ton of really awesome people. We were definitely led by the spirit this week and it really paid off. I think we'll have an awesome month in March which is good because at the end is Semana Santa which means there won't be anything to do. I can't think of anything really great that happened this week.  It's starting to get pretty hot here because the hottest months of the year are April and May so it's really starting to heat up and remind me of my last area. I don't know if I've already told you this, but we found of that one of the investigators from my last area got baptized which made me really happy because they were amazing and I loved them so much. The other day we got to go do divisions with the Zone leaders, which was pretty cool and then today we went to the temple which was awesome. We watched a video I'd never seen before which made it much easier to stay awake. I got to buy a bunch of new garments and this really sweet tiny book of mormon. 

     Okay so a funny story is that last night me and my comp were really hungry and we had a box of pancake mix that he bought with the zone leader so we decided to make the entire box of pancakes. We each had this huge pancake and then two medium sized ones.  They were super good but we weren't able to finish them and I felt like I was going to vomit afterwards. We have this one investigator that I haven't taught yet but the zone leader, Elder Hart and my comp said she was super amazing and I can't wait to talk with her because she sounds really nice and she's going to give us breakfast on Monday, so that's a bonus. Best thing about the area is the ward.   It's really strong and there are lots of really nice people.   Worst thing is its getting hot and I have to hike up and down hills and these super steep stair cases all day long.   One thing I found in my mission is that when we have to do something hard or something we don't want to do, it helps to think "what does the Lord want me to learn from this." and then try to find that thing.  Love Connor
 These are just some photos of my area and a picture of what the people call ice cream. Its really just flavored water frozen on a stick but hey it tastes good and its cold.

                      The devil house because of the number.   Haven't had the chance to knock it yet.....

 These are the photos of our epic battle against the pancakes. Sadly, we lost the battle but I'm sure well try again another day. 

                              These are as far as I got into the pancakes and how I felt afterwards.
                                                       Lots of pictures from the temple

ove Connor

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