Monday, February 9, 2015

6 Months Down!

     Well this week had its ups and its downs. The beginning of the week was awesome. On Monday, we bought bus cards, ate at Taco Bell, and played soccer all day. Soccer was really fun.  There were a ton of elders there and lots of members and investigators. On Tuesday, we had tons of visits on and were running all day long, which is how I like it. On Wednesday, we had divisions with the Zone leaders which was great. I stayed in my area with Elder Hart from Las Vegas. He's an awesome elder and I was able to learn a ton from him. We had a really crappy day, but I was able to learn that any day that we are able to see blessings is a good day. On Thursday, we had divisions with the District Leader and I was in his area. It was a really good day too. We were able to meet an atheist, which was really interesting because I didn't think that there were any of those in Guatemala. Friday, we had a baptism which was awesome except for the fact that the guy we baptized showed up an hour and a half late so there were a ton of members waiting for him and they were upset and it sucked, but we got him baptized and it was all good until the confirmation on Sunday. He showed up late to sacrament meeting too, so we didn't get him confirmed and have to wait until next week but next week is stake conference so I have no clue when he will get confirmed. Chase don't worry about not me not getting home in the winter. I can promise you I am still going to die the winter I'm home.

     To answer the questions, of course I love getting pictures of you guys and when you take new family pictures you have to send me a couple copies. There are a couple things you could send me. First off, if you could send me a USB with a bunch of really awesome hymns and stuff that would be awesome.  Not boring normal hymns, you know what I like. Ummm Iv'e finally run out of peanut butter and oatmeal. Yes, I drink Pepsi when I can and ya I like it a lot more than coke, which is what pretty much everyone drinks here. I get along really well with my comp. We don't have any problems,  Spanish is coming along alright. It got really good with Elder Simoni and now I'm suffering a little because I'm with a gringo but whatever I've still got 18 months. I love you guys a ton and Chase I really hope you get my letter before your birthday and you cant go on your first date until you open it becuase there are some pretty awesome things in there. Love you guys a ton. Love Connor
                                                    Con and his comp, Elder Ngungutau
            Some pictures of Elder Salgado who is the comp of the district leader who obviously had some fun with                                                 my camera when he was on divisions with my comp. 

 This is me cooking for the first time in my mission and I just wanted to send you some evidence of it, and just so you know it was really good. Oh and there's one selfie that my comp took.

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