Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

     This week was much better than last week. We didn't get to see quite as many blessings but it was still good. We were going to have a baptism Saturday but it fell through because the guy had to work so he would have the money to pay for his house.  He's going to be baptized Friday,tso that will be awesome. His name is Julio and he's pretty crazy but a really nice guy and he really has the desire to be baptized.
      Nothing really interesting happened this week. There are a lot more drunk people in this area than in my last one. It seems like there is always a drunk guy talking to us or we're passing one passed out in the street.  We even passed one this week knocked out in the street without any pants on, which was pretty gross. It's been super cold this week, which is not fun at all. I have every single blanket I brought with me put on my bed and I'm still a little bit cold at night. I got super lucky and the last Elder left a sweater here so I've been using that almost every night and morning. My area isn't nearly as big as my last area but I think there are more houses here because the houses are all a lot smaller and there are more people that live in them. Also the people here are much less open than outside the capital. All the people outside the cap were willing to listen to us, maybe not to accept us, but at least willing to listen to us. Here it's about every other house that the door just gets shut in my face and all the others the people just sit there coming up with lie after lie after lie. Its taken a little getting used to. 

     My zone is called Nimajuyu, pretty sure that's spelled wrong, and there is one set of sister but they're not in my zone. I'm currently serving in a ward and there were about 200 people in church yesterday so its lots bigger than my last branch. There is a family of members that cooks for us named the Familia Torres.   They're this old couple that lives with some of their kids. They're super nice and Hermana Torres is an amazing sewer so she can fix all our clothes.   We eat breakfast and lunch and are on our own for dinner. Elder Ngungutau is from Texas.  He's a big kid who played on the USA national ruby team before the mission. He's been a member his entire life but his dad is a convert. Some thing new about Guatemala is the public transport system.   They have some pretty nice buses but they sure can cram a lot of people into one bus. Haven't bought a bag yet, probably going to do that today. And I've already talked about some of our investigators. One that is super amazing and I love teaching is named Roxana. I love teaching her because I always feel the spirit super strong. The only problem is that her husband has something against the church and won't let her go or be baptized. Anyway sucks that the Seahawks lost and all that.  Hope you guys have a great week. Love you all. Love Connor
                                           Elder Solorzano Elder Prestwitch Elder Simoni

                                           Elder Prestwitch Elder Simoni Elder Solorzano

                             This is Bob Marley, the most pilas investigator I have ever had.   Love this guy so much.
                             Pictures of my new apartment.  It's lots bigger than my last one.

 A couple more pictures of our house and one picture of our most amazing water heater which I love soooo much. Love you guys a ton.

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