Monday, June 22, 2015

Warning: there's a bit of gross

Well it has been another fantastic week in the mission field. Its crazy how fast the time is passing and I know that its just going to pass faster and faster as the time goes on. This week started off pretty good. Monday we went and ate at Wendy's which yall know I love Wendy's. After that we played Soccer, of course, and I bought some sweet soccer shoes which are really nice and I like them a lot. It rained super hard but a huge blessing about this church is that they have an indoor court to play basketball but we convert it every week into a soccer court and play indoors. If the hermanas didn't play with us, we would just keep playing outside but because they always play with us we have to play inside. Other than that it didn't rain that much this week which is good because as I've told you its a little bit cold here and when it rains I get wet and then I get really cold.  My clothes dry outside so when it rains my clothes don't dry and I have to use the same pair of garments a couple days in a row,which is just nasty. Tuesday was pretty sweet.  We had our zone conference which was really fun because they had one of my teachers from the CCM teach us some stuff. So ya,it was pretty fun to see him again but now that he knows I'm in the zone, he really wants to leave with me. This really scares me because he's like the perfect missionary and I am very far from a perfect missionary so I know I'll leave with him and he'll tell me a ton of things I have to do better and I'll feel just like I did in the CCM. Wednesday was a pretty good day. I cant remember anything that happened but I'm sure it was a great day.  Thursday I got to do divisions with Elder Searle which was a huge blessing because its nice to be able to talk in English a little bit. Elder Searle finished 22 months and Thursady is 2 for 1 at Dominos pizza, so we bought some pizzas to celebrate. After that we stayed up until 1 in the morning just talking and all that jazz. After that I was up until 3 in the morning suffering from sever stomach pains until I barfed and was finally able to sleep. Friday was pretty rough because I felt like crap the entire day and was once again peeing out of my butt. Saturday, I took a parasite test and it turns out I've got two different types of Parasites and bacteria which means that there is just a party going on in my stomach, but dont worry I'm on drugs and getting better. Today we woke up early and played soccer which was pretty fun. The youth are in their spring break right now so we have a lot of chances to leave with them. I go to a barber to cut my hair.   I bless people all the time, they seem to think that as missionaries we have more power or something. Haven't gotten your package but I did get one from Marianne which was great. I love you all a ton  Love Connor  
 dont know whats up with my camera, but that's me and elder searle with our pizzas and Mike and Ikes that his family sent him. Love you all. 

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