Monday, July 6, 2015

June 29, 2015

Well this week was pretty great. Like I said last week I was put on drugs and they helped a lot until about Saturday night when I got super sick again, but I think that may very well be because I ate two handfuls of Mini Spooners that I found at my house before I realized that they had expired in January and so I'm pretty sure thats what made me sick. Monday was alright I was feeling okay so I went and ate a footlong at Subway which was really really yummy and then we went and played soccer for awhile but this pday had a twist too. We played hockey after we played soccer, which was really fun and we only broke a couple of things. We play with sticks and then a roll of tape. Nobody got hurt but everytime after I ran I thought I was going to barf so I think I'll take it a little bit slower this pday. Tuesday we had the district meeting as always it went pretty well but I'm kind of sick of planning them so hopefully I won't have to be district leader after this change. Tuesday I also did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Curi from Peru. He  is very serious and strict.  He didnt really talk to me at all the entire day but we were with members all day so I was able to talk with them. The reason Elder Curi came was to do a baptismal interview of Zairy. She's 16 and got baptised forever ago but her papers got lost and she had to get baptised again. Shes pretty slow so it was kind of hard to teach her but we got it done and she passed the interview. Wednesday I was pretty happy to see my comp again which was good and we were able to work super hard.   This week we were super blessed and had a ton of lessons and all that jazz. Dad normaly we teach between 20 and 30 lessons a week but this week we had 37 which was awesome and found like 23 new investigators. Thursday I did divisions with Elder Alegria which was fun. He's new so he hasn't really come out of his shell yet so he didn't talk much but it was a good day and we had a lot of fun. Friday was normal, I don't think anything really great happened but it hasn't rained here for like 2 weeks and its been super sunny, so Ive gotten pretty sunburned this week. Saturday we did an area attack which means that all the missionaries of our district came and worked in our zone for 2 hours which helped us a ton. Like I said the baptism was on Saturday and it went really well. She wasn't able to get confirmed on Sunday because of a family emergency but I'm not that worried about it. It sounds like you guys had a great week, and that you're enjoying your summer. Keep having fun and enjoying your freetime. Love you all, Love Connor

Something very important I forgot. On Saturday our pet dog was killed.  His name was Manchas and he was run over by a really big beer truck. It was a very sad day because he went everywhere with us and now he's gone. 
Anyway thats it. Love Connor 

                                       The hockey

                                                                  Elder Moreno

                             Their apartment after a member family cleaned it for them

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