Sunday, July 26, 2015

     Okay so nobody freak out or anything but exactly one year from today you guys will pick me up at the airport. Anyway its been another crazy fun week here in Guatemala. Monday we played soccer like usual but it was a lot hotter than I've been used to and I sweated soooo much but it was pretty darn fun. Tuesday was quite the adventure. We had divisions with the Assistants.  Luckily I got to head to Montufar, the area of the assistants which was a ton of fun. We got to eat Taco Bell and hang out with the secretaries a little then we went to work. Tuesday it rained so hard. It was the hardest I had ever seen it rain here and we were out walking for like 15 minutes to get to the area. I was totally soaked, my books that weren't in the bag got destroyed and it was an awesome day. While we were walking to the area, we came across a road that was a pure river but we didn't really care since we were already soaked right. But as we got to the other side all of a sudden we both fell. When we went back home, we saw that we had walked straight into a freaking storm drain. I was up to my waist in really nasty water. Wednesday we did divisions again with Elder Ceballos and Elder Martinez which was really fun. We had a really terrible lesson with this idiot that said that we didn't baptise right and was a turd but apart from that it was a really good day. Thursday was alright my comp has a little bit of diarrhea and he thinks he's dying but I'll talk more about that later. Friday we did divisions again with Elder Ortiz and Elder Rivera. I was with Elder Rivera which was crazy. He's got to be ADHD or something because he's got a ton of energy but he's always super happy and I loved being around him. Saturday we had a baptism, surprise. It was a little kid named Julian.  He's 9 but he's pretty awesome. It kind of came out of no where because we had to reactivate his mom which took some time.Our next baptism should be the 1 of Agost', because I have no clue how to spell that in English.  Its a lady I've never met and so ya. Sunday I was in a really good mood but my comp wasn't but I had a great day and a great time, because Ronald was with us and he's always happy and great. 

    So dad your questions. We do divisions like 3 times a week and we have to travel a ton. The people are a ton nicer and I love it. The food here is really good and really clean which is a huge blessing. Anyway Love you guys a ton and just wanted to remind you that your summer is almost over hahahahahahahaah.  Forgot to tell you guys about how I talked with Gringos this week. They were Canadians that worked in an Orphanage here for a couple years. really nice people and very weird to speak in English. Anyway Have A Great week Love Connor 

 Ronald Anavisca
Ronald Elder Cativo

                                                                 This is Con's zone.

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