Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

This week was another fantastic, week as always. Nothing really crazy happened that I can think of off the top of my head. So Monday, we went to an area thats called Oratorio because the missionaries there have some hook ups at a pretty nice burger joint and they got us all burgers pretty cheap. Then we played soccer all day and it was super hot and I got super sweaty. We almost missed the last bus going back to our area and that would have been really bad because we were a long way from home, but luckily one more passed by to take us home and even though it was super cramped we made it without a problem. Tuesday was great, we had interviews with President which are always a blast. He pretty much just asked me about how I was doing as a new Zone leader and how I was doing with my companion. Then he started to tell me about how I'm a zone leader in the biggest zone in the mission and its time for Zone Cuilapa to step up and that's the reason he chose to send me here. No pressure right? I'm not to worried about it. He gave me some really good advise about how I can be a good leader and help the zone. He told me I was a quiet leader and that I was going to get spiritual promptings about things to share with the missionaries and things to do with them and that I had to follow them to complete my purpose. It was really cool to see how well President knows me and how much the spirit can tell him about me. More than anything, it was a huge testimony that God knows me and that President Caffaro is called of God. That day we did divisions which was really fun. We met a crazy guy who wanted to teach me english. Wednesday we had divisions again, and I went to Guazacapan. It's is super far away, like an hour and half in bus, but I was with Elder Gardner a missionary from my group which was really fun. We had a great day with an awesome lesson. We taught this lady who had a little downs syndrome kid who was just super cute and you guys know how much I love down syndrome kids. We were able to put a baptismal date with her and it was great. That night we stayed up super late sitting on the roof talking because it was super hot inside. Thursday my comp and I were together in our area and it was good day. Friday, I was with good old Elder Ogden from La Justo. We had an awesome day, all our lessons were really good and the spirit was super strong. That night we had a super spiritual lesson with Hermana Doni. She really wants to change her life and she's felt the spirit every time we've talked to her but she hasn't done anything about it. We taught lesson 1, the restoration, which is easily my favorite lesson and by the end of the lesson she was crying and it was awesome. That night we talked to one of our fechas named Daniel and figured out he's not smoking or drinking anymore, so he's all ready for baptism the 8. Saturday, we had the interview of another baptism for this weekend of a lady I've never even met that gets all the lessons in the offices of the mission and lives here so it counts as our baptism. Saturday, I got super sick with a super high fever and a really bad headache. I figured I got sick to help me love my comp. He took really really good care of me and I think it really helped us strengthen our relationship. One thing I've learned in my studies recently is a scripture in Helaman 15 :3 that says that God chastens us becauses he loves us. I found that really interesting that God sends us challenges and difficulties not because he wants to hurt us or make our lives hard but because he loves us and wants us to turn to him. That's something I've seen a ton in my mission, that the more we're humble ourselves before the Lord and accept his will, the smoother our lives go. I love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week. Love Connor  I forgot to tell you guys that Thursday morning I drank Rootbeer. It was so gooooood it was the first time I've even tasted anything rootbeer flavored in over a year. It was a can of A and W.

I finally got my scripture covers. They're pretty sweet and I'm super happy to finally have them.

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