Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Man, your guys emails are getting shorter and shorter every week. So first off big news is that I have changes again. I know I just barely got to this area but to be honest with y'all I'm pretty happy I'm leaving. I loved the area and all but I'm pretty sure it was the food that was killing me. The hermana that washes the clothes was staining my shirts every week and I'm ready for a change.  So ya I'll be in a new area next week figuring everything out and just having a blast. Everyone in my district says I'm going to go up and be a zone leader here with Elder Curi whcih I really hope doesn't happen but where ever the Lord needs me is where I'll go. So anyway the week. Monday it rained a ton. I don't know why it only rains on Mondays and then its super hot and sunny the rest of the week. But regardless of that we played soccer and got super wet. My stomach did not permit me to run that day so I spent the entire day playing goalie and let me tell you, there are people that can shoot the ball really hard and it really hurts to stop it but you know me, I'm competitive and I couldn't let a single one pass so I took a lot of hits  Tuesday was pretty great. I got to do a baptismal interview for the sister which was awesome. It was a great interview and she was a super pilas investigator. We got back pretty late and after that I wasn't feeling well at all. By seven o'clock I had cramps in my stomach so bad I couldn't walk or even sit so we went home and I had to lie down for awhile. Wednesday was a good day. I felt alright and we were able to have quite a bit of success that day. Thursday I went on divisions with Elder Searle and you guys know how I love to go on divisions with Elder Searle. It's so great to be able to talk with a normal person and we're super alike so we get along really well. The only down side is that Elder Searle will probably be married by the time I get home.  Friday  we had a good day but I got feeling super bad again and we had to go home again. That day Im pretty sure I dropped like 5 pounds into the toilet at once which was not fun but I felt much better afterwards. Saturday I went and took some more tests and all that. We had a cool experience when we went to take the test. We were walking through this strip mall when a lady in one of the stores called us in and told us she had a nephew that wanted to talk to the missionaries and go to church but didn't know where it was or how to get in touch with the missionarie. We were able to help her out which was great and all that jazz. After that we had a really good day. We had some really awesome lessons and had the spirit with us all day. Sunday we got Zairy confirmed and that was great and ate cake for the 4th of July which was really good too. Right now I'm feeling pretty good and I should know what to take this week. So dad I sent your birthday letter last week but I'm worried it will get there late, sorry but it took forever to find a place to send it. Yes Im still writing in my journal every night and the hardest thing this week was being patient with my comp. Sounds like you guys had a really great week and I hope you keep enjoying your summer. Love you all a ton. Love Connor 

I forgot to tell you guys about how this was bug week. The giant slug I found in the bathroom one night when I was barfing  which was pretty gross. And the other thing was a giant bug with about a million legs.   We saw that thing and went running around the house screaming for a while and then drenched the thing in bug killer. It was really scary..

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