Monday, July 13, 2015

I hate spiders

     Well just like you guys, my week has been pretty crazy. First off Happy Birthday Dad!!!!. You're really starting to get up there in years you know. Like I said last week, I sent you a letter but I think it will get there late because it took me forever to find a place to send it. So mom to answer your questions, yes its hard to remember them between reading and writing so I'll try to answer them at the first from now on. Yes, I got your package with all the pictures in it. I really liked too. I got your package with the Otter Pops too and that was amazing. 
     So like I said this week has been pretty crazy. Monday was normal I didn't really have anyone to say goodbye to so I just played soccer all day and said goodbye to a few people at night. Then Tuesday was the change meeting and you guys already know I got moved up to be a zone leader, which is fun but pretty stressful. Zone leader means I have to do divisions at least twice a week and sort out all the problems in the zone.  I get to go on divisions with the APs which is fun and that will happen tomorrowI'm in a town called Barberena outside the capital again, so I'm super happy, My zone is the biggest zone in the mission Cuilapa.  It has 20 Elders and sisters. Me and my comp both have 11 months and he only has 1 change as ZL so we're learning a lot together.  His name is Elder Cativo and he's from El Salvador.. So Wednesday, the adventure we had was that we went to this area they closed to help take all the stuff out of it. This area was for sisters but it was the most remote, rough area I had ever seen.  Any sister that has served there has my respect. We had to carry all the stuff down these two stupid hills because the truck couldn't make it up them. So fun things about Cuilapa or the zone where I'm at, is that there are these massive spiders everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. Thursday was a pretty normal day.  Our area is huge so we do a lot of walking and bus riding. Thursday we got off the bus like 5 miles early and had to walk forever, wasted so much time. Friday we had the mission council which is where all the zone leaders meet up with President and the Assistants and we talk about new rules and the mission in general. It was really cool and I really liked it. Saturday we did the zone council which went really well. Its the only time I'm going to be able to see the entire zone together in one place because the zone is just huge. Sunday went really well. I got to know a little bit more of the members and share my testimony. The senior couple in the mission, the Dalys come to church with us so its fun to see them every week. So ya thats pretty much it for me this week. I forgot to tell you I'm doing good and I'm not too sick anymore so your fast payed off. They made a rule in Central America that we arent going to use suit coats for anything so I was wondering if I could just give my  suit to a member. I love you guys a ton and hope you have another fantastic week,  enjoying your summer Love you all a ton. Love Elder Wallace

 These are the people that cooked for us and the guy always left with us to go visit people and the dog is our other pet.

  Elder Williams Elder Gee Elder Grover Elder Stuart 

  And then some pictures of the huge spiders. That last one is of a spider that had a snake caught in his web thats right a freakin snake. 

                                          These are pictures of the really awesome view in my area. 

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