Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

     This week was pretty great. I loved hearing about your guys trip to Mexico and it sounds like it was a really good experience for all of you. So this week some really sweet things happened but I'm going to do the day by day as usual because that helps me a lot. So Monday was pretty rough because I was sick but we still did some pretty fun stuff. So the rules for the p-days are that you can't leave the area of your stake. Our stake is pretty huge so we are able to do all sorts of fun stuff. We went with Elder Searle and Elder Alegria to a artisan's market where they sell a ton of really cool typical stuff to Gringos so its all really over priced and I didn't buy anything. After that we went to eat lunch in the giant mall that's in our zone and then we sat around at the church for awhile because I felt like crap, I got my hair cut to, which was fun.  Tuesday was a little bit weird because we didn't have a district council which was nice because I had nothing planned. Other than that it was a pretty normal day. I had about a half hour chat with this Evangelical which was super fun some people are just soo lost.  Wednesday, we had a Multizone Conference which was lots of fun because I was able to see a lot of my friends that are in other zones and all that, This conference was a little bit special because we had a seventy there. Elder Alonso is from Mexico and came to just blow our minds talking about all sorts of really crazy things I'll have to teach you when I get home because like I said it was mind blowing. He showed us about how nothing in the scriptures in just there, that it all has a meaning and we just have to study to find it. President and his wife gave some really great talks as well and I got my backpack which was great because my back couldn't handle any more of the other bag. Thursday, we had divisions with the Zone leaders which was a lot of fun. We had a sweet lesson with some investigators that are pretty simple people but they're progressing, which is amazing because they can't read anything.  Friday was fantastic as well.  We were guided all day by the spirit and saw so many blessings. Saturday, it also rained pretty hard and we had no umbrellas so we got super wet and then the power went out so we had no way to heat ourselves or see in the house.   Sunday was normal and  it was fun because we got to eat shrimp which was good but I was really worried it was going to make me sick. Anyway I love you guys a ton and just so you know I'm probably going to take out like 50 dollars today to buy some new shoes to play soccer in, my other ones are completely destroyed. Love you all a ton. Love Connor. 
This is my backpack because I know that you guys will want to see it, its pretty sweet and rides right above my hips with a waist strap so I hardly feel the weight. 

                           These are pictures Con's last comp, Elder DeLeon sent to him
 Elder Neil 
Elder De Leon and Milton

This is a picture of the multi-zone conference I got from President Caffaro's Facebook page

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