Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

     Well it looks like you guys had a pretty great Thanksgiving. I did get to go to dinner with some members which was super nice of them and it was a great dinner. But one question, Chase why are you hiding in the picture of dad with the mash potatoes? Are you really that scared of the camera? No but we had a great week. Monday was normal right playing soccer all day and eating at Guateburger which was some crappy hamburger place they just put up that we wanted to try. Mom to answer your questions we only do our own breakfast which means its cereal and bread pretty much everyday. Lunch we go and pay a comedor to cook for us and we don't ever eat street food because that's nasty and you will get sick and die if you eat street food.  Just cause I'm thinking about it, I got your Christmas package today with the twelve days of Christmas thing.  It came super fast and so now I'm going to have to carry it to my new area and wait until the 13 to start opening it. Other Question, I did find the 10th day in the package so I don't know if it got robbed or if it got forgotten or if its the envolope that was in there but ya also got a Christmas gift from the Mikesells.  Tuesday was a sad day because we had to say goodbye to Jose, a member that had been leaving with us everyday for like 2 weeks. He went the USA to visit some family and friends and to celebrate thanksgiving he took us to lunch and bought us some sweet bags. Wednesday we did divisions with Cuilapa which was lots of fun. I spent the day with a greenie from Mexico and it was pretty funny because he still talks with a little mexican accent. Thursday we worked super hard and I forgot it was Thanksgiving until the end of the day when we went to eat. They made turkey and mashed potatos and salad so ya it was a pretty normal dinner. Mom there aren't a ton of turkey in Guate but there are a few. Pretty much everyone owns chickens and there are a couple that own turkeys. Friday we were going to do divisions but we weren't able to because the other Elders never showed up. But we were able to have a branch activitiy where we watched meet the mormons. It went really well and I learned how to make popcorn in a pan. It was interesting but we figured it out and everything went really well. Saturday and Sunday  we had district conference, which is stake conference but in a district. President and Hermana Caffaro were there and everything was just great. 

Sound like you guys are really getting into the holiday spirits and enjoying yourselves quite a bit. Mom sounds like you Grandparents day went really well, some times I feel like you did why am I contacting or why am I still teaching this person but then God always sends me someone amazing to make me realize why.  Love you all Love Conn

                                               The member that headed to the states

                                                     Elder Magdaleno Jose (Pimpi)

              This was my Thanksgiving dinner and a cake we gave to Hermano Ronald because we love him 

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