Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nov. 23, 2015

     This week was pretty normal to be honest I don't think anything really happened. So right now I'm sitting in the internet cafe right and the kid that runs it is playing the Imagine Dragons album that came out like a year ago.  I've never heard it, so its pretty amazing and I'm super happy. They've got some really good songs. But anyway like I said it was a pretty normal week. Monday we played soccer all day with a bunch of members and all the elders of our district. We had a pretty good night. We've been able to do divisions with the members almost everyday because there's one member who is 20 and doesn't have anything to do so he leaves with us everyday of the week which is great. His name is Jose but everyone calls him Pimpi, I don't know why, but he's awesome and he's leaving to the States this Wednesday.  I'm going to miss him a ton when he goes but it'll be good for him. Tuesday I did divisions with this newbie from Cerinal. He's from Utah and this kid is like six foot five, he's huge. He doesn't talk much but it was all good because we had Jose so I just talked to him all day. We taught a lady Tuesday that talked for an entire hour and we couldn't get her to stop. It was a pure miracle that we left with only an hour. Wendesday we had a meeting with the Assistants where they trained all the new leaders in our zone on how to do their job. It was super good. It was the first time I had been to one which was odd because you're supposed to go whenever you become a new district or zone leader but I wasn't ever invited so I never went. I also went to Taxisco that day but it wasn't too bad because It rained the entire day so I got soaked and didn't die from the heat. Thursday we did divisions again and I was with an Elder From Tonga which was interesting because he doesn't speak English or Spanish so it was a little bit of a challenge to talk to him. It was pretty fun to be with him It reminded me of when I was with Elder Nugnugtau. Friday we were together with my comp and we had a pretty good day. I don't really remember what happened but it was a good day.   Saturday we had a branch council which went well but we started an hour late and so that was a huge waste of time. Sunday, Justin and Stacy got confirmed which was really cool. If I didn't know better I would think that they were members for their whole life, they're so pilas. 

     So first off Kate we are not in the rainy season anymore so I'm not getting soaked. Its actually getting kind of cold here but when I say cold I'm talking like 55 to 60 degrees. Dad, our mission is baptizing about 80 to 90 a month with the goal of 200 every month, so we have a long way to go but were going to do it. I's true that they don't celebrate thanksgiving but a family did invite us over for turkey and a thanksgiving dinner. I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy Thanksgiving. I'l be there for the next one. Love Connor

                                         This was my foot after an entire day of rain and wet shoes. 

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