Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2016

     First off I can't believe it snowed and you didn't send me pictures!!! I haven't seen snow since the beginning of 2014 and you didn't send me a picture of the snow. All that aside, it has been a fantastic week. Monday was pretty crazy because we got almost the entire zone together to go and play here in Barberena,  which was fun but a bad idea at the same time because when you get a lot of missionaries together they tend to do stupid things sometimes, not sure why. Tuesday  went really well.   I had to go into the capital to drop off my comp and pick up my new one. We got there at like 9;30 and they just sent Elder Gudiel off in a taxi and left me alone with the other Elders from the zone. We had to wait for a bus to take us out to our areas and some of the missionaries showed up super late so we didn't leave for a long time. My new comp in Elder Magdaleno from Mexico. He's pretty cool. Wednesday, we had the zone council which was super stressful on my part because I had to plan the entire thing since my comp wasn't in the mission council and is new to the zone.  It went really well. We have a lot of new missionaries because almost every area had changes so we got to know them a little bit and then had a spiritual message and headed out. We did divisions that day. I was with Elder De Leon and we had a really good day. Its gotten kind of hard for me to contact because I've been here for so long but somehow I'm still doing it and we're always finding new people.  Wednesday night a bat got into our house. I have no clue how it got in but it did and it took us like an hour to get the stupid thing out of the bedroom but it was quite the adventure. Friday I was with my comp again and like I said he's pretty pilas. He really likes to joke around which is good and his sense of humor is very similar to mine. Saturday we had the interview of Stacy. She passed and I'll tell you more about her baptism later. That day I was with an Elder from Peru but he was pretty normal which is good because the Elders from Peru are usually really weird. Saturday wasn't a great day. We had a meeting and had to go to Oratorio to help the Elders there fix up a little problem they were having. Sunday was the best day ever. We had a multi-stake conference with Elder Bednar and a couple other speakers and it was really good. I learned a ton. Then in the afteernoon we had the baptism. It was probably one of the best baptisms of my mission, one because I love this family sooooooo much and two because the branch really helped us out. It was Stacy's birthday and they had presents for her and a cake and it was amazing. Stacy and her mom even went out a couple of days ago and bought a super pretty white dress and it was just great. After the baptism I went to a viewing of a little baby who had died. It was super sad but a lot of the branch members showed up to give support to the family and so that was good. Then at night Hna Carolina's, (the mom of the two kids we've baptized these last two weeks) sent me a message saying thank you for everything I had done to help her family return to church which was just the best thing ever.  Made my whole mission.   Love you all a ton and hope you have a great week. Love Connor

            This was the bat that somehow got into our house and the family that we got baptized. 
                              Presidente Bilzam Stacy Carolina Maricielo Analice David Justin

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