Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9, 2015

     Hey so the big news is that I don't have changes. My comp does and you're right mom, I'm really sad about that.  Its going to be super hard to get used to working with another comp this change. I'm also staying in my area which I'm not sure about because I've already been here for quite awhile but I'm also really happy because I'm going to be able to see some more people baptized that I really love.  But ya it was a pretty good week. Monday we went and played soccer again. We ate lunch with a member again which was good but they made us help them pull water out of their well, which was fun but it gave me some blisters that hurt for a couple days straight. After that like I said, we played soccer and it was fun.  We won a lot more this time so that was good. Tuesday we had the last district council with Elder Call and Elder Ortiz.  It was pretty sad. They shared their testimonies and they were fantastic. We also did divisions that day. I was with Elder C which was kind of hard because he's dead so it was a little hard to work with him but we had  a good day. Crazy story from that night is that at like 11 a missionary in the zone called me and he was completely crazy. He was freaking out saying his comp is gay and that he wanted to leave the house and wanted me to go there. He was literally going crazy and I had no clue what to do. We got him calmed down and everything was good the next day but it was interesting. Wednesday we didn't do much. We had a couple meetings and then a ward activity so we lost a lot of time there. Thursday we had house inspections which was fun because we got to drive around with the Dalys all day in their car. It took all day to go to see all the zone and I saw some really nasty things but it was still a good day. Friday we had the mission council which was fantastic. We did divisions that day too and I was in Nueva with Elder Ortiz another muerto.  Saturday  was a pretty good day and then Sunday we baptized Justin. I don't remember if I already told you about Justin and his family but they are easily my favorite family of my entire mission. Hna Carolina is a member but she had been inactive for a long time and her kids aren't members. She has 4, Justin who got baptized, he's 16, then Stacy who is turning 12 on Sunday and being baptized, then Analic who is 5 and is my absolute favorite and then Maricielo who is 3 and super funny. Anyway that was my week love you all a ton and hope you have a good week. Love Connor

                                                 Ya I've already got my Christmas tree up
                                                               Bautismo!!!!! Baptism!!!!!
Elder Gudiel Justin Jairo 

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