Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2, 2015

     This week has had its ups and down but it has been a pretty good week. We had some pretty crazy stuff happen and then it was Halloween and Day of the Dead this weekend so its been a little bit different. 

     On Monday we played soccer all day long with some of the young men of the ward and ate lunch with one of the members. We had to buy all the ingredients to make Pollo con Crema and he cooked it for us.   It was amazing but I have to say I like yours better mom. First off the chicken doesn't have bones and the cream is better. After that is when we went and played soccer. We played for like 3 hours straight and I was dead afterward. It was the first time we had played in like 3 months so it was pretty rough. Tuesday we had our district council and it was super baggy. Two elders in the district are going home in a week.  One of them is super excited. He's working and everything but he's also super baggy. Tuesday we did divisions with Elder Ortiz to do the interviews for Hno Jonny, Jesseni, and their two kids. Jessenia passed but the kids were drinking coffee and Hno jonny didn't pass for a question 4 problem.  President told us if that if he goes to church for like 4 months, he will come interview him and see what needs to be done. Honestly the odds aren't very high that Hno Jonny gets baptized. Wednesday we had divisions again and this time I had to go Guazacapan and feel the heat down there. 
I got to be with Elder Speth, the elder from Wellsville so that was pretty fun. He's an amazing missionary and I love being with him. Plus he had a huge package from home and from his girlfriend so he gave me a lot of candy. Thursday we had divisions yet again. This time I was in Oratorio with Elder Cedeno and let me tell you I've never met an Elder who walks slower than Elder Cedeno. I was just walking normal and left him in the dust. It was a little bit frustrating, but I realized the same thing will probably happen when we go on walks when I get home so you guys better start training now to be able to walk really fast when I get home. Friday, I was finally with my comp and we had a really good day. We've been getting a ton of help from the members so we've been able to do divisions with the members the days we're together in the area. Which is good but I miss working with my comp too. Saturday Hna Jessenia was going to get baptized.  We called her 5 minutes before the baptism was going to start and she told us she changed her mind and was going to wait for Jonny. I'm not going to lie I got really mad. Members were already there and they had made a cake and everything. I gave her some chiclote and now I'm pretty sure she's mad at us and won't get baptized either so ya all the baptisms fell. Saturday was the day of urgency too. President set the goals of 100 contacts 6 lessons and 2 lists and 2 new families.  We lost a lot of time but we were still able to made all the goals. Sunday we took it easy and just visited members all day which was really good. This is week 6 of the change so next week I'll probably be able to tell you I have changes.  Love you all and hope you have a great week. Love Connor

This is me and my comps Halloween costume. We wore each other name tags so he was me and I was him. Then that night I was talking with the dls and he decided to shave me leg, so ya that happened.  
 Elder Gudiel

                                     End result of my leg shaving the lower part is a G for Gudiel 

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