Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oct 26, 2015

     This week was pretty insane to be honest with you. We had a lot going on but it was a week full of blessings and miracles. Okay so on Monday we went and made Baliadas as a distict in Nueva Santa Rosa. We were going to play soccer with the youth of the branch but it rained all day and when I say all day I'm not joking. It didn't stop raining at all which sucked because I got super wet and it was pretty stinkin cold as well so I was really cold.  Tuesday was when the fun began. As I'm sure you already know, this week we got signed up as translators for this medical group that came from New York. We started working with them Tuesday and it was amazing. It was so much fun to be there with them blessing the lives of hundreds of people using the gifts God has given me. We were there all day,  even though we were only planning on being there until noon, but Amy Balog showed up and started crying and convinced us to stay. She even convinced President to let us stay all day every day of the week. Wednesday we were only there half day becuase we had to go to on couple of visits in the afternoon. But both those days we started working super late but still had a really good day. Thursday we had interviews with President Caffaro, which went really well. He told us we were the best organized zone and everything went really smoothly. All the missionaries showed up on time and everything was great. The interviews did go super long and we didn't finish until like 4:00 and that day we had to do divisions, so it was a lot of sitting around and some more translating but this time for Hermana Caffaro, but hey I got extra brownies. President gave us his camera during the interviews and told us to take a bunch of pictures to go in the Christmas slideshow and my comp went crazy with the camera. He took a ton of pictures and President was super happy about that. That day we got to work really late as well and then we had a crazy lesson with Daniel but I'm not going to go into details about that one. Friday was the last day of the Clinic which was really sad.  It was pretty hard to say goodbye to all those people knowing I'll probably never see them again, and they gave us a ton of peanut butter so I love them to death. Friday we did divisions again which was interesting. I was with a greenie that has daddy issues so we had to sort through all that and ya. Saturday  we didn't do much because it was raining and my comp was sick. Sunday  was amazing we had 10 investigators in Sacrament meeting which was a huge blessing since we didn't work at all this week. 

     This week I've been ponderizing Mosiah 23:10, which is a great scripture. It really taught me about the importance of our trials and the ways they can help us change and grow if you read the verse you also have to read D&C 58:3 and 4 because they really add onto it. 

Sounds like you had a pretty packed week getting ready for Halloween and all that jazz. Everyone in Guatemala hates Halloween because they say in a Satanic holiday and a bunch of crap like that.  Hope you have a great week and love you all . Love Connor

There are so many pictures this week and per the usual, Con didn't tell me who anyone was.  I put them on here mostly for him when he gets home. 
                                                            Medical Group
Elder Call Elder Ortiz Elder Gudiel Elder Wright Elder Martinez

                                                               Interviews with Presi

Elder Simoni Elder Larimar 

Elder Gudiel Elder Wright Elder Daly Elder ortiz Elder Call Elder Martinez
Elder Gudiel Sister Caffaro Elder Call Elder Martinez
Elder Gudiel Elder and Sister Daly
Elder Gudiel Elder Baloy
Elder Baloy Elder Gudiel 
Elder Gudiel Sister Caffaro 
Zona Cuilapa 
Zona Cuilapa 
The one person that celebrates Halloween in Guatemala

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