Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5 2015

   Well sounds like y'all had a pretty interesting week. My week was pretty crazy to be honest with ya but it was still fantastic. Monday  was pretty sweet, in the morning we wrote and did the normal stuff and then for lunch we hooked up with a bunch of other missionaries and went to Pollo Campero and ate a ton of food. My comp and I had a little bit of extra money left over at the end of the month so we went big and bought 4 wings for the two of us and a member. We decided to buy spicy wings and they were pretty good, I mean they don't stack up to any wings I've had at home but they were alright. After that I don't think we did anything. Tuesday was when things got crazy. Like I told you last week we did changes without a change meeting and they just sent the missionaries to their new areas. But our zone is super huge so we had to go wait on the side of the road and get all the missionaries off their buses in our area so that we could make sure they got on the right bus to their new area.We only lost one missionary and it was only for a second and apart from that everything went really smooth. Two of the new Elders are opening and area for the first time ever, which is pretty much every missionaries dream, the lucky suckers.  We had to go and show them were their house is and all that jazz. When we went to drop them off we figured out that there weren't any buses back to our area so we had to spend the night with them. It was probably one of the worst nights of my mission  Wednesday we had district council and that was pretty normal I guess. We got to work like normal that day which was a huge blessing because we didn't work hardly at all in our area. Thursday was a normal day as well, but I got to take these pictures of this super fat dog that lives where we eat. Its easily the fattest dog I've ever seen and it makes me laugh ever time it walks. Friday we had the mission council which was really good. Presidnet Caffaro is a little frustrated about the mission because we're not completing the goals we've set so he yelled at a little bit but I left inspired so that is all that really matters. We did divisions that day too. I got to be with a gringo which hasn't happened for quite a while. I was with Elder Call from California who is dying. He only has 5 weeks left in the mission.  Saturday and Sunday  were General Conference and as always it was fantastic. I had to watch two sessions in Spanish and I really didn't get as much out of them so that was too bad but I still learned a ton. 

These are picts of the really fat dog and then of the gringo group for general conference but two Latinos sneaked in...

Elder Call Elder Gudiel Elder Wright Elder Austin Elder Ortiz

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