Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

     Okay first off why is Chase always and I mean always wearing my super man shirt in the pictures you send me. Are you guys like "This pic is going to Connor, Chase go put on the super man shirt," or what. Anyway today's been pretty crazy. We had to go into the cap in the morning to get a new telephone for the sisters in an area but that's a really long story that I'll tell you later. But it has been a super good day. We went to the office and got to talk to all the Elders there about all the stuff that's happening in the mission which is always fun. After that we went to Carl's Jr which was really good. We got to go because our district earned a district p-day which means we completed  the vision of the mission which is two baptisms in every area every month. After Carls Jr. we went to price mart which is Gutaemalas version of Sam Club. Well I guess its more like Cosco. I only bought some peanut butter and jam and bread and my comp bought frozen burritos so we're pretty much set for the next couple weeks. But anyway this week has been pretty fun. Monday we went and played soccer with the elders in Cuilapa, Elder Simoni, my old comp and elder Curi. It was fun but I sweated a ton. Tuesday we had a zone council that went really well.  We shared an amazingly inspirational message and then did divisions with Guazacapan. Wednesday,  we had a study with the sisters in Chiquimulia and did divis with Taxisco, the hottest area in the mission, and I got to go there! Sweated my guts out again but we had a really good day and I was able to buy pizza which was awesome. Thursday was divisi again and I got to be with Elder Simoni, which was fun but kind of weird. He's changes a ton since I was with him, hes going to finish his mission soon.  I honestly can't remember what we did Friday so I guess nothing great happened.  Saturday was pretty crazy. We were only able to work from two to five and only got one lesson in. It was with that investigator that was in the hospital, he's doing great now and he's going to get baptized soon. At 5 we had a meeting with the second councilor in the branch which was pretty much a waste of time because we didn't get anything done. After that we spent the last two hours of the day passing by for everyone we wanted to go to church. While we were doing that we got a call about one of the sisters in C, where there district leader told us the all the members hate this one sister and are saying they won't go to church until she leaves. He told us a whole bunch of stories about how she'd hit a member and she was always fighting with her comp and a bunch of other stuff and to add to it the sisters phone was broken so we couldn't talk to them about it. We called president and he sent his councilor to talk to them and we're going to see whats up tomorrow.  Sunday was pretty rough. My comp was really frustrated and grumpy but I was feeling really good and happy and eventually it infected him too so now all is well.  Love you guys a ton and think about you always. Love Connor

This is our house but it was really dirty, don't worry we've cleaned it since the picture was taken.

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