Friday, October 23, 2015


Hello everyone,

I wanted to send a long some wonderful words and a picture of your amazing missionary sons.

I am a member of the church from New York. I am a volunteer with the Glens Falls Hospital Medical mission. Twice a year our group goes to Santa Rosa and provides a clinic for the community. We offer a woman's, pediatric, general health, and a dentist clinic. We bring in thousands of dollars of medicines as well as medical care. The medical mission has been going to Santa Rosa for almost 15 years. Our team goes down to Santa Rosa twice a year.

For all of these years, missionaries have been coming to the clinic to be translators. The missionaries have been helping to provide service for those in the area who cannot and so not have the ability to receive medical care.

Your sons this week came to our clinic and provided priceless service to the community. The medical providers in our team were in awe of your sons. They were amazing and great examples. Many of the team members in the clinic were amazed at  how obedient and hard working your sons were.

You all have amazing and wonderful sons. They blessed us all this week and provided priceless service to a group of people whose lives depend on the care and medicine they received this week.

I am sending a picture in an email to follow because I forgot to attach it to this email after I typed it all up!!

Amy Balog

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