Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19 2015

     Well this week has been pretty crazy and super fast. But we saw a ton of blessings this week in new investigators and fechas, so it was also a fantastic week. To answer your question mom, we are the only two that live in our house. I have no clue why we have more beds. As for the crazy sister its all taken care of now and she's doing a lot better but there were some serious problems there. 

     I already told you about last Monday so I don't need to go over that again. At night we headed out and did all that missionary stuff like teach and contact. Tuesday we woke up really early and headed out for Guazacapan to do a little workshop in their district meeting, which went really well. We pretty much went and told them they needed to repent and work harder. After we gave the talk, we realized it was probably a little bit hard and that maybe we should have tuned it down a little bit but I think it worked really well. After that, we had a little talk with the sisters  about their plans to fix their relationship with the members and as a companionship. It went really well and the sisters made us lunch, so I guess they don't hate us. After that, we worked super hard and had a couple of lessons but Tuesday we were in our hardest sector and so its always kind of a rough day. Wednesday we went to the other two districts and did the same thing we did in Guazacapan only this time we did tone it down a bit so it wasn't so hard. That day we did divisions too. I was with Elder Austin in our area and Elder Austin is crazy and loves to talk so it was a pretty fun day. We put two fechas for the 31 of this month with the investigator that had the accident like two months ago. He's going to get baptized the 31 with his girlfriend and his 3 kids, so its going to be a pretty great day. They are our miracle baptisms this month because for awhile we thought we weren't going to baptize anybody but then they came back out of nowhere and are going to get baptized. Thursday we had divisions too but this time it was with the assistants so it was a pretty big deal. I was with Elder Zuleta in my area yet again. We had a pretty rough day, all the visits we had planned fell and we had to contact all day but we did find some super awesome investigators and had a super spiritual lesson with Marco Antonio and Jessica. The hermana was crying at the end of the lesson and we put fechas with them too. Friday we were working in the hard section again but we still had a pretty good day. Saturday was amazing. My comp had some converts that were getting sealed in the temple and so we got to go. We got to the capital super early because there was no traffic and so we waited around for awhile and then went into the sealing. It was such a cool experience. The spirit in the sealing room was so strong and you just knew you were in the house of the Lord. The joy on the faces of the family after they got sealed was so amazing. You could just feel the spirit so strong. After the sealing they took us to papa jons and we ate some really good pizza. When we got back to the area we had a pretty rough day because we had to go to branch council and wasted a ton of time there but still. Sunday it rained all day so almost nobody came to church which was pretty depressing, but we still saw miracles. We put a fecha with another person and then found a bunch of really amazing people. I was so tired all day though there were only like 2 days I actually slept until 630 so my body was just done.
                                                                    Lasts P-day and the Sealing
Elder Gudiel Elder Call Elder Martinez Elder Ortiz Elder Wright. 
Elder Austin
           Peanut butter and Jelly!!!!!! Ive eaten like 20 sandwiches this week. they're soooooo good!

                                     Super awesome pics of me and my comp. Love this kid so much.

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