Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28, 2015

          I can tell you about my week. This week was the the last week of the change and I don't know why but the last week of the change is pretty rough for everybody. Nobody really works really hard and its pretty hard for everyone to focus on working really hard. It was pretty much the same with us. We were just thinking in the changes so we kind of slacked off a little bit this week. We don't have changes in our area which is fantastic, because its going to be the first time in a long time that I've had a comp for two changes. The changes this change are going to be crazy. We don't have a meeting anymore so the missionaries just have to find their way to their new area all by themselves. I know the assistants and all the secretaries are really worried about missionaries getting lost and all that jazz but I don't have to worry about it.  Monday was pretty normal, so normal that I don't even remember what we did.  Nope that's a lie. We went to this little lake  and it was pretty cool.  It was pretty rainy, but it was fun to get out and talk with other missionaries. It rained pretty much all week and its starting to get pretty cold which I really don't like but whatever. Tuesday we went to the district meeting in Guazacapan which was pretty cool and then did divisions with the Elders in Taxisco. Luckily I didnt have to go to Taxisco and got to spend the day in my area. The next day, Wednesday, we had our district meeting and it went really well. We did divis that day and I stayed in the area again but our two fechas passed their baptism interviews, so thats awesome. Rained super hard too. So hard that the roads were turned into rivers and we were stranded in our comedor for an hour waiting for the rain to stop. Thursday, I was with my comp and we had a really good day worked super hard and it was awesome. Friday, it rained all day. Super hard right at two so we got nice and wet and then it was just raining a little bit all day so we stayed nice and wet. It was pretty windy too so we were freezing all day long. It was a pretty rough day to be honest. Saturday was fantastic. We spent most of the day preparing for our baptism and it went really well. Everything was really well planned and lots of people showed up. Probably the best baptism I've ever had. Sunday, we were pretty chambon because of the changes but will do better this week. 

     Can't wait for General conference, it's going to be awesome. I read a talk yesterday in the October Liahona that I really loved. It talked about doing things with real intent and it made me think if I'm always doing things for the right reason or if I'm just going through the motions without know why. Hey so Nanie and Pop have been out of town for the last couple of weeks so I don't have anyone updating me on sports. Step up guys. Love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week. Love Connor

                                       This is me and my comp with Elder Call at the lake. 

                                                                  District Guazacapan

Lucy and Laura

                                 Con didn't tell me who any of these people are, but yay!  baptism

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