Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015

     Well this week was pretty darn crazy for us too but still it was an awesome week. The kid at the internet cafe is playing really good music again so I'm probably going to have to stop writing here. Anyway this week started off pretty chill. Monday we just bought some food and then cleaned up around the house again. I've discovered it is much better to have a clean house, something that mom has always told me but I just didn't want to listen when I was at home. After we cleaned, we watched Meet the Mormons because we got a copy of that so we can do an activity with the branch. We've watched it about 7 times now, it will be really weird to watch that movie in English some day. After we left we had a pretty sweet adventure. This week Guatemala was celebrating Independence day and they have all sorts of fun traditions. One of them is that the 14th of September, the day before Independence day, they do these things called torchas, which is when a bunch of people run a really big relay races with a torch. They have a van driving behind them, so if they get tired they just hop in the van until they're ready to run again. Some of them go super far but the funnest part about this traditions is that while these people are running all the kids in the town are on the side of the road throwing bags of water at them. So of course when we left the kids decided it would be really fun to throw water at the missionaries. We didn't get too wet but the bags did hurt a lot. Tuesday we went to the district council of O and it was terrible because they just started arguing the entire time. We did divisions that day and I was stuck with Elder C. So ya not a great day. Wednesday we did divisions again and that day was pretty good. We were able to do a baptismal interview and the lady didn't pass again due to coffee. Thursday we were in divisions again. I was with Elder Caal who is a Guatemalteco and I really enjoyed my time with him. He's a great elder with a super strong spirit. Friday we were in divisions as well and I had to go to Guazacapan. I really don't like that area because its "stupid hot", bonus points to anyone who gets that quote. So anyway I spent the whole day sweating my guts out and being super uncomfortable. Then Saturday we spent the entire day in a bus. We had to go to this area called Ixuhatan or something like that because they're going to make it a new area in the zone so we had to go look for a new house. After that we had to go and do another interview. The nice thing about Saturday was that I finally got to work with my comp which was great. Sunday was the primary program which was fantastic and the kids here are just as funny as they are in Utah but they don't sing so it was kind of awkward during the songs. Anyway that was my week. 

Spiritual note. This month we've been studying the Atonement and I was reading this week in Moroni 7 and in Ether 6 about faith hope and charity. I was able to learn so much about the Atonement and the importance of faith. Without faith we are nothing and can't use the Atonement in our lives. I also loved the definition of Hope in Preach my Gospel.

Love you all a ton and hope you have another great week. Love Connor 

This is the only pic I have this week sorry. This is a package that my trainer Elder Mann sent me. It was full of really great food and it was cool to get that package from him. He was just thanking me for being his comp and I think its something I'm going to do when I get home for my comps that are still in the field. 

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