Monday, September 14, 2015

sept 14, 2015

     Okay, first off right now the internet cafe where I'm writing is playing the Imagine Dragons Nightvision Album and its killing me but in a good way. Okay Mom to answer your questions about who is feeding us, Presidnet just barely put a new rule that we don't pay for the month anymore, we just pay day by day, so right now we just kind of wander around looking for a place that looks pretty clean and good or we cook for ourselves. Breakfast is always us cooking so I can tell you, you don't really want to know what I'm eating for breakfast. People work in Guatemala doing what ever they can mom. They don't really have set jobs, they work until the work runs out and then they move onto something else. So there are a lot of people that are all really good at a lot of things which is pretty cool.

     So my week. On Monday we went to a lake with some other Elders which was super fun. For lunch we went to the branch president's house and cooked over 70 hot dogs and ate all but 7 of them. I ate like 10 hot dogs. I though I was going to explode. The lake was super pretty and it was nice to get out in nature. After that we came home and went to work like any other night. Tuesday was pretty interesting. So for the elections, the same mayor stayed and the people weren't very happy about that. So Tuesday, we were heading to the church to plan our zone council and drop off the clothes when we saw a ton of smoke coming up from one part of our area.   Naturally we went to go see what it was. Turns out that a bunch of people had started a bunch of tires on fire in the middle of the road. They were there until the cops came and chucked some tear gas to break things up. After that they headed to the city office building, I guess you could say, but they didn't do anything because there were like a million cops. So they just wandered the streets burning things and breaking bottles. The entire town was dead that day but we still left to work. Wednesday was the multi zone council which was really awesome. We had our zone council as well which went really well. It was super spiritual and just great. Thursday I did divisions with Elder Wright again which was pretty fun. He's just an awesome missionary and is killing it with only 4 weeks in the mission. Friday was a normal day. We didn't do anything special. Saturday was a pretty normal day as well. We had to go help Daniel with a couple of problems but it wasn't anything too serious which is good. His girlfriend had dumped him and he was just feeling pretty sad about it. Sunday we had a meeting with our Branch president which was really good and then Sunday we made flour tortillas with Ronald which were really good and they filled me up. I've been constantly hungry since I got over my stomach problems which sucks because I'm never full. Tuesday we took a cake to our branch president and asked him for blessings which was cool. They're playing On Top Of the World right now.... Any way sounds like you guys had a pretty fantastic week and I hope you have another one. Love you all a ton. Love Connor

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