Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 6, 2015

     This week didn't get any easier for us. I don't know why, but these last few weeks have been pretty crazy what with sickness, traveling, and all that fun stuff but hopefully this week that's coming will be much better. Okay so Monday  we didn't really do much, just hung out for awhile went and took some more tests at the Clinic to see if my comp was still sick and he was. I really don't know why they're having him take so many freakin tests but I guess the Doctor knows best. After that we went and played a little bit of soccer with the zone which was pretty fun and then we headed home and went to work. Tuesday night we found a really awesome family that was super receptive and the mom already knows a ton about the church because her mom was a member until she married a catholic. Wednesday, we went and got even more tests and this time I had to get some too because I wasn't feeling great. After that we only worked for a little while because my stomach was killing me so we all went back to the house and rested. Wednesday was the mission council which was fantastic. This month president is having us focus on the Atonement in our studies and In our lessons. The mission council was full of really awesome testimony about the Atonement and of course there is always really good food at the mission council so I love to go. That day we got started late too but still had a really good day. Thursday we had divisions with our DL to do the baptismal interview of Daniel, again. He passed and got baptized Saturday but more on that later.  Friday I went to Taxisco which is the hottest area of the mission. It was a pretty good day the missionaries there are kind of dead and not working very well but I think they'll do better this week. Saturday we had another lesson with the family we had met Monday and then The baptism of Daniel. The baptism went really well and he's doing really well. Its been amazing to see how much hes really changed his life.  Sunday was pretty normal, even though we had elections. The dry law was pretty funny because everyone was stocking up on beer Saturday morning like it was the end of the world. Nothing really happened which is good. My new favorites in the zone are easily Elder W and Elder S, the newbies you just can't help but love them. Miracle of the week Is Daniel and his baptism Weird food. is this fruit that I don't remember the name but its green on the outside and red on the inside but isn't a watermelon is really good.  Love you guys a ton and hope you have another fantastic week. Love Connor.

I got these pictures from Con's president's facebook page.  This is him with his comp and Sister Caffaro, the president's wife.

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