Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015

     Okay so this week has been absolutely insane, really great but really crazy. First off we had to change all our plans for this week like six hundred time. First off we were going to have a conference with President Nelson of the Quorum, but he decided it was to dangerous to come to Guatemala so he went to El Salvador instead which doesn't make any sense because El Salvador is the most dangerous country in Central America but what ever. Entonces  Tuesday we were still going to have a broadcast and listen to him then Monday they said it was really going to be Friday so we had to replan everything. Then after we had everything all figured out we figured out the Traveling APs were going to be visiting our zone this week and hadn't let us know about it. So once agian we had to change all our plans. And on top of all that my comp was super sick all week. So the day by day. Monday we deep cleaned our house and I mean we deep cleaned it. I even cleaned the fridge and the stove, which is really just two hot plates. After that we just slept a little bit. Tuesday we had a mini zone meeting with all the missionaries so that they could all get to know each other and we could talk about some of the goals we had for the zone. Wednesday we had divisions with the Assistants which was pretty cool. We saw a ton of blessings and had a really awesome day. I was with Elder Taya from Peru and it was great. He's an awesome missionary and I like him a lot.  Thursday we were going to do divisions but last minute they told us that the missionaries from Guazacapan and Taxisco were going to spend the night with us to be able to get to the conference on time Friday, so we just went and did a baptismal interview and weren't able to do real divisions. Friday, we got to go to Jutiapa to see the broadcast of President Nelson which was amazing. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it is the tool God has given us to convert the people here in Central America. Saturday my comp got really sick so we didn't leave and I pretty much went crazy in the house by myself without any music. Saturday was normal we got out and went to work a little bit and then Sunday was pretty rough for my comp again. But he says he's feeling really good today and so this week should be much better than last week. My comp is from Honduras I don't think I ever told you that. Chase just so you know there are a ton of raw chickens in Guatemala and they carry them around in the back or pickup trucks and then sell them to the people so I can understand why that would gross you out. Kate I sent your letter and hope it will get there before your birthday this weekend.   This week in Guatemala are the elections to decide who will be the new president and things are going to get crazy inside the Capital.  The people are already asking the current president to resign, but he won't and the people are about to revolt so I'm really happy I'm out here where everything is Tranquilo. Well I love you guys a ton and hope you have another fantastic week. Love Connor. 

P.S. Chase, why are you always wearing my Super man shirt???? 

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