Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 24

     First off I am sooooooooo happy about my changes.  My new comp is just fantastic and someone that I already knew. His name is Elder Gudiel, another one of the missionaries that is going to finish the same time that I do, and he was my zone leader when I was in Nimajuyu. I absolutely love this kid and he's an amazing missionary and a fantastic leader so I'm going to be learn so much from him this change. So anyway Monday  was normal we went and played soccer, said goodbye to some people and got some lessons in at night.  Tuesday was the change meeting, which was a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of my friends and say goodbye to Elder Searle, which was pretty sad but still good. In our zone we had a ton of changes but all the missionaries that we gained are super awesome and going to work super hard. Four of the new missionaries in the zone are fresh out of the CCM and three of them are gringos so thats always fun.  Wednesday was a pretty normal day just working super hard and having tons of success. Thursday I was able to do divisions with one of the newbies. His name is Elder Wright and he's pretty awesome. His spanish is already really good and he teaches very well. We got to talking about his family and it turns out that his mom is from Arco, so its very possible that you might know her, Mom. Her name is Heidi Myers and her sisters name is Tina. We had a okay day with him because we were working in a sector that I didn't really know and so we just spent the entire day contacting and finding news. Friday I was with another greenie named Elder Speth. Mom, Elder Speth is the missionary you told me was coming to my mission from Wellsville. It was pretty fun to be able to talk to him about good old Cache Valley and hear how its going there. That day we had an awesome day because we were working in the best sector we have. Saturday I was with my comp again which was fantastic. We went crazy on Saturday, working super hard and having a ton of success. Sunday was a little bit slow but we were able to gain the trust of the members and the leader of the branch by leaving with them to visit less actives. Okay so a Miracle of the week was one day just after we had gotten off the bus and started walking some random lady in the street asked us if we could go give a blessing to a kid that she knew. She was a member in another ward but she took us to this family and had an awesome lesson with them. Weird things don't happen here, at least I don't think there weird so I don't remember them. Today we woke up super early at like six and went to exercise with some of the members. It was pretty rough. We ran and then went through a ton of workouts but it felt so good to really work out a little bit. Chase, I can promise you, you will be stronger than me because I can't do anything here but I can also promise you I could outwalk you any day of the week. Anyways I love you guys and hope that school goes super well for you this year. Love Connor

                                               From last p-day or two p-days ago. I don't really remember
Elder Romero Elder Ferraro Elder Cativo 
                                                        Me and my new comp Elder Gudiel

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