Wednesday, August 12, 2015

     Well it sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week. Okay so just a couple things at first while I'm thinking about them. First off, Chase your hair has gotten super light, super canche and you're wearing my super man shirt. Second, if Landon is still reading this I got your Christmas letter this week. I've got no clue why it took so long to get here but I did get it. Thank you so much for the money and thank you for the things you said in your letter. Mo Anyway this week was pretty freakin crazy, but it was great. On Tuesday, we got to go to the temple which was awesome. On Monday, the assistants told us that we were going to go and we had to tell the whole zone.  There are some areas that are super far away and they had to come to our area Monday night, so we had a huge sleepover with 4 other elders. It was soo much fun. Then Tuesday we went to the capital early, ate some breakfast, took some pictures and then entered the session. It was great! I love going to the temple. After the temple we went to Taco Bell for lunch and then headed back outside the Capital. I went straight on Divisions with Elder Rivera and didn't have any of my things which kind of sucked but I survived. Wednesday was the 5th so me and Elder Gardner did divisions to celebrate our one year mark together. It was really fun. We had an awesome day and taught this guy that was super crazy. He straight up told us he wasn't right in the head and that when he was little people had performed witchcraft on him. It was a very interesting lesson. That night we bought hamburgers and ate them on the roof of our house and just talked forever. It was a ton of fun but Elder Gardner was really tired the next day when we finished divisions.  Thursday was the only normal day that we had and it went pretty well I guess.  I don't really remember much of what happened.   Friday, we went back into the capital for the mission council which is always great. They changed the church where they had it so we got a little lost and had to pay a taxi but that's alright. The council was awesome and pumped me up hard core. Right when we got back from the mission council, we went and did a baptismal interview in Nueva and missed the last bus coming back to our area so we had to call a member to come pick us up and it took like two hours which sucked really bad. Saturday was a really rough day for my comp. First off the comedor where we eat closed for the day without telling us so we had to find our own lunch and that made him really mad. Then Daniel didn't show up to his baptism. We called and called but he didn't want to talk with us. Apparently he showed up later at like 7, super drunk, so he's obviously not quite ready for baptism. Anyway my comp was super upset so we bought some Ice cream and then went and taught Lionardo and Jesenia and the lesson was awesome. Theyr'e going to choose they're own fecha and Leonardo wants to get baptised in a river which will be awesome. Sunday was a good day too.   Daniel showed up to church and so I think he still wants to change and I'm willing to help him.  I'm doing much better but I'm going to take one more test today, just to see if there is anything else I can do. I actually haven't named a single one of the parasites, surprisingly enough, but I'll try to start doing that with the rest of them.   Anyway I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy your last few days of summer Love you all a ton. Love Connor

Pictures of our sleep over and the temple.  

 Thats Elder Gardner and me talking to some missionaries from the CCM. It was fun to see them and think thats where we were one year ago

 More Pictures of the temple those are all the missionaries from my group that are in the zone

                                                                 My district

                                                                My zone
  Elder Gardner and me celebrating the one year mark and then the other ones are me making my first tortilla it turned out pretty well. 

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