Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 17, 2015

    Well, its has been another excellent week in Guatemala. Some crazy stuff happened and we had a really busy week, but it was a good week none the less.  Monday, we played here in Barbe for the first time. To be honest, it was pretty lame. I didn't really feel like doing anything and almost nobody showed up, so we couldn't really do anything. We did play soccer but me and a youth in the ward named Rafa, just messed around the whole time and I don't know how but we had some of the coolest goals I've ever seen. Tuesday, we had the Zone council, which didn't go as well as I had hoped. We wanted to put a goal with the zone and we wanted to put a really high goal and then see the miracles that God could perform to help us reach that goal.  The Zone's has faith is low and so they couldn't accept that goal and we had to put some stupid lame low goal. That day I also got to go to Oratorio to do some baptismal interviews, which was pretty fun. Oratorio is where my dad, Elder Mann, died so it was pretty cool to go see what it was like. The interviews went really well but a little girl said she all of the sudden didn't want to get baptised and wouldn't tell us why. We're pretty sure her grandma or aunt fed her some sort of lie about the mormons or something. Wednesday we were in divisions again. I was with Elder Aviles from El Salvador.  It was a pretty good day we went to an area and found a lot of new investigators and had  a really good time messing around and talking to people. Thursday was going to be a nice easy day but then two Elders in the zone had some problems getting along, so we had to go talk to them, which took up all of our morning and little bit of the afternoon. Then later that same day, our investigator, Leonardo, had an accident in his work and is currently in the hospital. We're hoping that him having this accident will help him realize he shouldn't put off getting baptized and motivate him to get married and baptised with his family. God answers prayers in mysterious ways right. Friday was divisions yet again. The coolest thing that happened that day was that we almost got hit by lightning. So the lightning story is that it was getting really cloudy and there was a ton of lightning and we were walking on this hill when all the sudden it gets super bright and we hear the thunder instantly and also hear the power lines behind us get hit by lightning it was pretty darn cool to be honest with you.  It rained a ton that night and there was a huge lightning storm.  It was amazing.  Saturday and  Sunday were a little more tranquilo. We were able to work all day Saturday without any problem and Sunday  my comp got sick so we went to some priesthood conference, worked a tiny bit then went home. I pretty much went crazy those three hours in the house without anything to do so I wrote Kate her birthday note and got some other stuff done like eating all the food we had in the house.. Changes are tomorrow and almost the entire zone has changes.  Its going to be crazy. My comp has changes, which is weird because he only has two changes in the area and we only have one together. He's pretty bummed out about it but that's just how it goes sometimes. Anyway love you guys a ton and hope you have fun at school this week. hahahahahahahahahaha Love Connor

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