Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec 21, 2015

     Okay first off I'm not 100 percent sure what time I'm going to call. I can call at any hour the schedule isn't a problem for me so if you guys can respond to this message in an hour and tell me what time would be best for you guys. I can't call at 7:00 at night but any other time were good to go. So this week was amazing! We're getting close to Christmas and I can't wait. Mom, I've loved the 12 days of Christmas and I think my comp loves it even more than I do. He always wants to open the package and see what candy we're going to get. He has decided however that you guys want to give us diabetes with so much candy. We really love the scriptures that you put on there too.  They're awesome. I got my package from Jon and Tammie which was awesome too. I loved the scripture clues and all the candy. Alright so its been a pretty busy week.  Monday, Pday we went to Mcdonalds which was a lot of fun and then played soccer and signs at the church. Tuesday was divisions with Elder Langy which was lots of fun even though we walked a ton that day. Wednesday I was with my comp and so we went and bought breakfast for the Zone conference. Thursday was the Zone Conference which was amazing. We had some great speakers and I got to see Elder Gudiel. We watched Iron Will and had a ton of really good Christmas food. Friday, I did divis with Elder Wright and we saw this terrifying clown in the street, really freaked us out. Saturday we went to the baptism of some elders in our zone and that took forever but it was good to support them. Sunday was soo much fun. So President Caffaro has asked us to sing Christmas songs in the parks so we went as a zone to this park.  When we got there, we saw that they were setting up for a marimba concert in the park. We asked them if we could sing for a bit and they said ya so we started singing and after a little while they offered us there speakers and their whole sound system. It was awesome. So ya I'll talk to you guys Friday. Hope you have  a great Christmas. Love Connor 

Elder Antonio Elder Ellswoth Elder Rivera Elder Ngungutau Elder De La Cruz Elder Langi Elder Weight Sister Jones Sister Lagos ElderBurns
                                                                  Elder Ngungutau
Elder Weight Sister Artola Sister Cornejo Sister Lagos Elder Diaz Elder De La Cruz Elder Canasas 

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