Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

   Okay so before I forget Mom, the guy said he was probably going to have my suit ready this week so we need to make sure I have enough money on the card to be able to pay for it. Its going to cost 1200 quetz and I'm not sure how much that is in dollars but if I have like 200 on the card that should be enough. So this week were the changes and obviously I didn't have any changes. Looks like I'm going to be a ZL for a solid 10 months of my mission and let me tell you, I'm tired of being a leader.  But anyway, apart from all that we had a really great week. Its been super hot and its killing me. The sun is always out and cooking me so I'm back into the phase where I'm always red in the face and people start asking me if I'm burned and I have to tell them no I'm just a red person. This next week is Semana santa which means that everyone and their dog is Catholic right now, even though the last time they went to church was last year during Semana Santa.  Monday was pretty dead everyone was just waiting for the changes all day and didn't really want to do anything so it was pretty boring to be honest. Tuesday was pretty chill. We didn't have any problems with the changes and it looks like we've got some pretty sweet missionaries in the zone now. Wednesday was the zone council and luckily this time President didn't show up, which was really nice. We showed a video that talks about being disciples of Jesus Christ and it really hit the zone. I love this video because it talks about being a disiple for ever and not just for a short time or just a couple days of the week but in every moment. I also love it because it talks about how the love we have the Savior is reflected by our discipleship. I did divis that day with Elder K and I think I already told you about him so we're not going to mention him again. I got a package from Aaron and Amy Jo with a bunch of candy in it which I already ate with my comp but tell them thank you so much because I don't have their email.  Love you all. Love Connor.

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