Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

     This week was pretty slow. Like I had told you, it was Semana Santa which means that after  Wednesday everyone took off to the beach or their home town and left just the Mormon missionaries walking around.It was super hot all week and ya it was pretty fun. Monday was normal. We played soccer and a ton of youth showed up because they weren't going to school. It was pretty fun and I had a pretty good day playing.Tuesday was pretty normal. I was on Divis with a brand new missionary which was lots of fun, he didn't do much but he's happy to be here and its good to feel that greenie spirit again. Wednesday, we did service and then had to go to the store to buy breakfast for the zone. An investigator made us most of the breakfast and she charged us almost nothing, so we were able to buy a ton of stuff for the zone. I even found Mac and Cheese which was the first time I had seen that on sale here in Guatemala so I bought it and made it for dinner. Thursday was the multi zone conference and we got there super early because we thought there would be traffic and all that but there wasn't a single car on the road so we showed up way early which was good because it gave me time to look over the agenda because I had to direct the meeting which was a little nerve racking but fun. The conference was amazing!  President showed this video that's amazing you have to look it up in You-tube as Happy Easter from Clarie! Gethsemane. Claire Ryann at 3 years old. Its soo good and brings the spirit. After that we talked about being the fourth missionary, which is a talk by who knows who, but its amazing and all about how you need to dedicate yourself to the Lord on your mission and in your life. After the conference we had divis with the Assistants and that was so much fun because I got to work with Elder Gudiel again. We spent the whole day talking about baggy things and how he's going to get into college. He already found a sponsor family so he's all good there, just needs to take the test and then submit to a couple of colleges. Friday was the craziest day of the week when the people made alfombras and huge statues of Jesus to carry around in the streets. Saturday was pretty dead and we didn't really do anything, and Sunday was the same. No one came to church and they were all super tired from their trips to do anything. 

 I forgot to tell you this story, we went to eat lunch on Tuesday and the house was all locked up and the windows were closed so we couldn't get the key out to open the door. We called the lady and she told us to just break the window. It was pretty fun and felt really weird. Elder Correa
                                             Elder Speth Elder Wright Elder Gudiel Elder Patton
                                          Elder Martinez Elder Patton Elder Wright.    
                                    Elder Barker Elder Gee Elder Gudiel Elder Alegria Elder Galicia
                                                      These are the alfombras they do 

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