Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 4, 2016

This week was great!! a little crazy but great. Monday was normal, you know cutting hair, eating lunch, and playing soccer. Tuesday we had the district councils and then I did divisions with Elder Bravo. He's from Guatemala and super funny. He's brand new in the mission and like I said always happy and joking around.We had a really fun day and then that night we drank some caffine free Coke that he had bought.Wednesday we did divisions again. This time I was with Elder M and once again it was a lot of fun. He's suffering with his comp so it was good for him to come with me and be able to have fun and work hard. In our comp study, he spent like an hour complaining about a bunch of different things his comp does and how he can't stand him anymore. We left with a member named Braulio that night who is the member that gives us food and he's super funny and this week he's going to have a baby and it's possible and probable that it will be born on my birthday.  Anyway he spent the entire night telling everyone about how he had seen this huge spider and how bad it had freaked him out. Thursday was pretty chill and then Friday  we had the mission council. It was a pretty good mission council. President wasn't very happy because we were supposed to have an amazing month this month but it didn't go so well for us. After the mission council, we had to go to the sealing of a couple that my comp reactivated and that turned into an adventure. We went with the secretaries because one of them had been comp of my comp and so they took the car. The sealing started two hours late and by the time we left it was already 5 o'clock and there was a ton of traffic. The assistants were super mad at the secrateries for having the car so long and then the assistants had to go drop us off in our area because its too dangerous to ride in the bus so late at night. Conference was amazing and I loved every minute of it. We ordered 8 pizzas for lunch Saturday and ate with the zone which was lots of fun. I was able to see all the conference in English this time which is a huge blessing. Anyway Love you all a ton.

                                                         -caffeine free coke and the assistants.

                                                                        Elder Bravo
                                                         Elder Gee Elder Gudiel Elder Galicia

                                                                           Elder Seriac
                                                              Pizza Party with the Zona Florida . 
 Elder overcome by the Spirit (sleeping) in the conference Elder Kelson

Love Connor

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