Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

     This week was really great.  We've been seeing tons of blessing and miracles. Monday,  we didn't play soccer, which was a huge change from the regular p day schedule. Instead we played ping pong and basketball. I'm not going to lie my ping pong skills are not as good as they used to be but they are still good enough to beat almost everyone in the zone. After just playing one on one for a while, I got everyone started on ping sting and I'll send you a picture so you can see how that turned out. Tuesday was the district council and it went pretty well. Elder Ngungutau bought everyone McDonalds again because it was the last p-day of the change. Wednesday,  we had divisions with Elder S, who is someone super weird and he spent the entire day telling me about his anime and his yugioh and all the weird nerd stuff he did before the mission. Thursday, was a pretty normal day with out too much that happened. Friday was the mission council which went really well. The mission is doing super good right now so president is super happy and it looks like in March we're finally going to be able to get the 200 baptisms that we've been working so hard for. We're going to baptize at least three this month. The three we're going to baptize are the Hermana Sandra and her two kids Mario and Andy.  This week they went to the stake conference and even invited their family to go with them to the conference so ya she's pretty amazing. Saturday and  Sunday, it rained which is really weird because right now it shouldn't be raining because its only March. Sunday,  we had Stake conference and it went really well. Presidente came and gave this really great talk about how we need to love more and judge less which is something that I need to do better. Working on seeing through our Heavenly Fathers eyes and loving everyone like he loves them. Love you all a ton and hope you're enjoying the weather over there. Love Connor 
                                                   Rojas Family, Hno Nicolas Elder Galicia 

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