Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 29, 2015

     Well y'all its been another great week here in La Brigada Zona 7 de Mixco. So ya it was  a pretty great week to be honest with ya. We had more lessons this week and  we did divisions with the fun missionaries from the zone so ya it was a great week. Dad to answer your questions before I forget, we have two ward councils a week but sometimes we don't go because they are Sundays before church and so we have to go around and pick up the investigators and recent converts and all that jazz.  If we can find members to do divisions with us then we go. As far as members that help us, there aren't very many to be honest.  Most of the support that we get is from the youth of the ward, the young men that are preparing to go on missions and that kind of stuff. But ya, too bad that you're not going to be able to go D.R. That would have been way cool but still good that you're going to go and vacation with Jon. So this week we played soccer Monday and went to this sketchy burrito shop in one of the areas in the zone. They said it was safe and so we tried it out and only one Elder ended up getting sick and it was only for one day so it was all good. Tuesday we didn't do divisions but Wednesday we did. I got to be with Elder Burns which is fun.  He's a pretty chill guy and it' a lot of fun to be with him and tease him a lot too. Thursday, I was on Divis with elder Ngungutau, which is always super fun. We went crazy and bought a ton of pizza and messed with a couple elders in the zone. Friday we got a youth to leave with us but to get him out we had to promise to help him make a cake.  We spent a little bit of time doing that it was pretty fun. Saturday we got invited to the birthday party and that was fun but they invited their vecinos.  They were all a bunch of girls so we felt a little bit awkward but we did get to talk a lot about missionary work so that was a huge plus. This week my comp from Barbe called me and told me that they were going to take a couple of our converts, Justin and Stacy to the temple and that they wanted me to be there. Obviously I couldn't go but I did call and talk to them which was great. It always feels good to hear that your converts are doing good and continue in the Church. The familia Robles didn't come to church this week, which was too bad but the good news is that the boy friend got sent to rehab which is going to make it so much easier to baptize them. Love Connor. 

Elder Galicia Elder Ngungutau Elder Diaz Elder Bravo Elder Baloy Elder Burns Elder Borda Elder Hailstone
                                                         Crazy youth that left with us this week. 

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