Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016

     So this week was pretty awesome to be honest. I can't say that any one thing happened to make this week great, it was just a great week.  Monday, I was pretty stressed about all the dats and it didn't really feel like a day of rest, because lets be honest my day of rest is Monday not Sunday, so we sent the dats and then just ordered pizza at the church and then played soccer all day long. Monday night we went out with this kid from the ward that just moved here from another ward in the zone. This kid is always dressed as a gangster and so pretty much everyone we visited was scared of him so we didn't leave with him again this week. Tuesday we had the district meeting which went over really well because Elder Ngungutau bought breakfast from McDonalds for the entire zone. After that we worked our butts off because its the Semana de la urgencia, which means that President gave us goals we had to complete with. Speaking of President, Elder Gudiel told me he got his USU shirt this week. I haven't heard anything from Pres Caffaro yet, but Elder Gudiel told me he just laughed. So then Wednesday I was with this super prideful elder. It was a pretty rough day, cause this kid is super annoying. I was only able to stand him because we were with this kid from our ward that's a ton of fun and ya. So this Elder got in a fight with this Joven and I was just laughing my head off and enjoying the show of them arguing. Friday we did divis with Paraiso and I was with Elder Borda. I know a ton of the youth in that ward so it was a really fun day. Sunday was awesome because we had twelve investigators in Sacrament meeting which is a record in my mission. The best part was that this family came to church that we've been working with for a really long time. So ya that's pretty much it for my week. Love you all, Love Connor 

                                               The big tongan is my kid ( Connor was his trainer)
                                               Elder Weight Elder Ngungutau

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