Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1, 2016

     This week was super interesting but super fun. So ya, it was my comps last week as a missionary, so we had to do all the dying missionary activities. On Tuesday,  we had his finally district meeting and then just tried to work as hard as we could. He really died really well. I mean he was super baggy but he kept working all the time. Wednesday, he had his final interview with President which is where the missionary that is finishing his mission goes with president and he tells the missionary all the things that they have to do when they get home to have success and live a good life in the church. Thursday we did divisions with San Jose which means I was with Elder Diaz again. He's progressed a lot since the last time I was with him and he's a much better missionary now than he was when he showed up. Friday was the best day ever. My comp had to go and take his English test and it just so happened that day Elder Daly hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch so he was really hungry and decided to take us to lunch while he waited for his wife to finish a meeting. He ended up taking us to this really nice restaurant, like I'm talking napkin on the lap restaurant, and he bought us like 5 pounds of STEAK!!!!! Okay maybe it wasnt 5 pounds but the thing is that it was a ton of Steak and it tasted sooooooooo good. We did divisions that day too. I was with Elder Ngungutau again and we spent the entire day talking about our second area.  Saturday and  Sunday were pretty slow to be honest.  Sunday, we just went around saying goodbye to members and that kind of stuff. We watched a conference with the 12 apostles about the Sabbeth day which was really good. One thing I really loved that Elder Bednar said that as members of the church we should do more service on Sundays to sanctify the Sabbath day.   I really liked that. Well ya I love you guys a ton and hope you have fun at the Super Bowl I expect a play by play next week.  Love you guys a ton. Love Connor
 The first one is my bored selfie and the other one is what me and my comp would look like if we used makeup
                                                                 Elder Antonio
                                          Elder Langi Elder Antonio Elder Weight.
                                                             Surprise breakfast for my comp

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