Monday, January 25, 2016

Jan 25, 2016

     This was a pretty great week, like always. We had a really hard time finding lessons this week but we worked hard so that's all that really matters. We did a lot more service again this week and I'm still super tired. I think its because I have so much time as a zone leader and I'm getting ready for a break, I know I have at least one more change as a zone leader and then I'll hopefully be done. Dad, I'm hoping I finish my mission outside the cap training or something like that. I'm pretty sure I only have one more area left. I'll have one more change here in this area and then go to my next area for three changes and then I'll come home. My comp only has one week left and he's pretty baggy but working really hard still. He's a great comp. We get along super well and we're always laughing about something. This week we did divis twice. Once with Elders Ngungutau and Weight and the other with Elders De La Cruz and Elder Gomez. Tuesday, I was with Elder Weight and it was sooo much fun. We messed around a ton and just had a great time. We did a lot of walking and not much teaching but it was still a fun day. Then Wednesday we went and cleaned all the gardens in the stake center, like hardcore gardening. We trimmed trees and hedges, pulled weeds, cut flowers and just went crazy cleaning and messing around. I played this game with some other Elders where one person says a word and then everyone has to think of a song with that word in it. It really tested me but I did a really good job. After that we did divis because my comp wanted to go to church in Brisas because that was one of his old areas. So I went to church Sunday with Elder Gomez from Canada which was pretty fun. Sunday we had a lunch with some investigators so that they could say goodbye to my comp. We got a reference from a member that was a miracle. Its this lady that is going to die really soon and she wants to be baptized so we're working on getting permission to baptism her without going to church. We went and gave her a blessing yesterday and we're hoping President will be understanding on this one. 
  I hope you're all enjoying the snow. The last three days here have been super cold, like the coldest I've ever been on my mission and it just came out of nowhere. Well love you guys a ton and hope you have another great week. Love Connor

                                                                The best zone ever!!  (Zona Florida)
                                                           Elder Canasas
                                                 This was my very safe very secure ladder
                                Found this shirt in a paca 5 quetz, thats whats up, like 60 cents

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