Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 18, 2016

     This week was super long and I was sooo tired yesterday. So happy its p-day and I can finally take a break. But ya, we didnt really do that much in divisions with the zone but we did do a lot of service which wears one out. So Tuesday we had the district councils like normal and everything except the assistants showed up to give out some chicolte to the zone about obedience which was good. It didn't really affect me because I don't have an obedience problem but like I said it was good for the zone and fun to see the assistants. Wednesday we were working in our area like a normal day and we had  a really good day, like 5 lessons and a bunch of contacts. Its kind of hard to work with my comp in our area because he's finishing his mission and I don't know the area all that well but we both work really well in divisions so I'm thinking that these last two weeks of the change we'll do a bunch of divisions which will be fun. Thursday we had divisions with the APs which was a lot of fun. They're doing divisions weird now so that we both go to the area of the APs and work there. I was with Elder Bently, who is a new AP and works super hard. It  was a lot of fun and I was able to learn a ton from him. Then at night we stayed in the white house which is super fun because there are 6 missionaries in that house. Friday was also divisions with San Jose. I was with Elder Diaz who is from         and like the Elders from        all the elders from       are really weird and hard to get along with. Also,  this missionary's breath always stinks and you can smell it from like 5 feet away, so that was pretty rough. But we had a lot of fun and had a lot of success so you could say it was still a great day. Saturday we did service helping some lady in a wheelchair move stuff out of a bedroom and then celebrated Elder Ngungutau's birthday with a piñata and some cake. It was pretty fun we had a couple missionaries there and then some members from his ward. After that we went and helped set up another birthday party for the member that gives us food which was also super fun because this guy is hilarious and he was pretty stressed so we took the opportunity to mess with him.   Sunday  like I said we were super tired so we didn't work super hard I'm sad to say, but we had a lot of fun. I super jealous to see you guys went skiing. I miss it so much and can't wait until next year. Sounds like everyone is having a good time in school and working hard. Kate you didn't write me! whats up? Kenna, super happy you're having so much fun with Emmy, and that you're loving basketball so much.  Love you guys a ton. Love Connor😘
                                                               me and my comp
                                                            Elder Bentley Elder Taya Elder Andersen Elder Rodrigez
                             Elder Antonio Elder Ngungutau Elder Diaz Elder Langi Elder Weight

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